Most People Support Women-Only Sports. Why Won’t Corporate Media Admit It?

Natasha Chart and Wendy Wixom

It’s been a banner year for male athletes making waves in women’s sports. Corporate media have shamelessly hailed these men edging out women as a great achievement in human rights, in contradiction to public opinion wherever it’s been fairly measured.

Most recently, a man named Alana McLaughlin, a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, beat female fighter Celine Provost in the ring at an MMA competition, leading critics like co-founder of Save Women’s Sports Australasia Kath Deves to lament that women’s sports shouldn’t be “a dumping ground for men who can’t hack it in male competition.”

UFC fighter Sean Strickland bluntly called McLaughlin a “man” and a “coward.” He was followed by fellow UFC fighter Sean O’Malley, who said he could tell McLaughlin was “a dude,” and didn’t think it was okay for someone with that many years of testosterone in his system to be fighting against women.

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