Dr. Paul Saba Physician And Author: "Abortion Bill Will Do More Harm Than Good For Women"


The following is a statement by Dr. Paul Saba, Physician and Author:

"Todayís abortion bill that narrowly passed the Democratic led Congress will do more harm than good for women. Womenís health must be prioritized and the risks and benefits of this intervention must be weighed. Abortion can cause both short and long-term harm to the mother. Short term risks include hemorrhaging, infections, and death. Long-term risks include, infertility, regret of the loss of a child, post-abortion depression, post traumatic stress disorder and even suicide.

Research shows that the main reason women decide on abortion is because of life circumstances (97%) and not due to physical health risks (1%). There is no need to change the law to protect womenís health since this is already guaranteed by laws in place. Furthermore, a physician will never continue a birth that endangers a womanís life without advising their patient.

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