Abortion Is Legal In Spain But Most Doctors Refuse To Kill Babies

Dave Andrusko

When Mexico passed its law decriminalizing abortion, it took the country by surprise. What also caught the secular press by surprise is that other nation that as had legalized abortions were having difficult finding doctors willing to perform them.

Nicholas Casey of the New York Times took the opportunity to see how widespread this pattern was. He began with Spain.

He focused on Dr. Mercedes Sobreviela, who said with respect to abortion, the “right decision” for a woman is “always the one she wants.”

“But as a physician in Spain, Sobreviela believes she has the right to choose as well, and she has chosen not to perform abortions,”he wrote. “Her public hospital, University Clinic Hospital of Zaragoza, does not perform them either. In fact, no public hospital in the surrounding region of Aragón, which includes 1.3 million people, will do the procedure.

“We are doctors, our calling is as physicians, and we are here to help people live, not to decide this one lives and this one dies,” Sobreviela said.

Access is more determined by the wiliness of physicians than by the law of the land . Resister are self-described “conscientious objectors” – “Many doctors in Spain say performing abortions would violate their oath to do no harm — a pledge, they say, that extends to the fetus,” according to Casey.

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