11 Tips To Help You Quit An Unwanted Habit And Actually Stick To It


Watching porn, scrolling endlessly through your Instagram feed, biting your nails, slouching, eating junk food—you get the picture. These, and unhealthy habits like them, plague our lives threaten our mental and physical wellbeing and waste our time and energy.

Yet, for some reason, we still do them. And, when those brave few of us attempt to break unwanted habits that are negatively affecting our lives, it seems like we all too often end up right back at square one.

But we don’t think that has to be the case. More specifically, we’d like to suggest that the reason many of us so frequently fail in eliminating these unwanted behaviors is due to a flawed approach.

So then, how exactly should we approach kicking unwanted habits like watching porn?

1. Can vs. can’t

The first piece of the puzzle is attitude. When attempting to kick a habit, one should focus on what they can do rather than what they can’t.

Let’s get into it. While these tips apply to kicking a porn habit, these pointers can be applied to any habit or behavior you’re trying to leave behind.

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