World Health Organization Promotes At-home Abortions As Part Of New 'self-care' Guidelines

Alexis I. Fragosa, Esq.

Abortion advocates are using WHO guidelines to promote at-home medical abortions, claiming they empower women and maximize “comfort and support,” despite the known harms.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released updated “self-care” guidelines recommending the self-administration of abortion-inducing drugs without the direct supervision of a doctor.

“Women can manage their reproductive health,” said Lilian Muchoki of Women First Digital, a pro-abortion organization providing WHO-approved instructions to women seeking abortions in countries where it is restricted or illegal, on a recent webinar.

The WHO guidelines assert that the promotion of “self-care” interventions will ensure that individuals, families, and communities can promote health and prevent disease where they lack access to essential health services or when services are disrupted due to emergencies.

Interventions include self-administration of injectable contraception, emergency contraception, and pills to induce abortions.

The WHO has a long history of laying the groundwork for widespread access to abortion, including adding abortifacients mifepristone and misoprostol, and the combination packing of the two, to their Essential Medicines Lists.

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