Democrats Are So Extreme On Abortion, They Voted To Make You Fund Killing Babies

Laura Echevarria

On Thursday, the House Committee on Appropriations met for the markup of FY2022 appropriations bills. Noticeably absent were any Hyde Amendment provisions in the budget language.

During today’s markup, Representative Tom Cole (R-Okla.) noted, “The most egregious aspect of the bill presented today is the removal of the Hyde Amendment, which protects lives and prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion.”

Representative Cole introduced an amendment to restore the Hyde Amendment language which failed in a nearly straight party-line vote. All Republican members of the committee voted for the amendment as did one Democrat, Henry Cuellar of Texas. All other Democrat members of the committee voted against the amendment.

“The elimination of the Hyde Amendment by pro-abortion Democrats destroys over 40 years of previously unprecedented bipartisan support for a measure aimed at saving human lives,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “This is a campaign by pro-abortion Democrats to ensure that abortion is available on demand, for any reason, at any time, and paid for with taxpayer dollars.”

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