Liberals Want A Pregnant Man Emoji, But Science Confirms Only Women Can Get Pregnant

Rebecca Downs

Thanks to “gender neutrality,” there may soon be an emoji of a pregnant man. In anticipation of Saturday’s World Emoji Day, a Thursday Emojipedia blog post from Jeremy Burge previewed “New Emojis in 2021-2022.” Among them is a pregnant man.

According to Burge’s post: “Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person are new, and recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people. These are additions to the existing ?? Pregnant Woman emoji.”

When Burge claims that the new emojis “recognize” something, it’s actually doing so in a way that denies biology, considering only women can get pregnant and birth children.

There is also “a gender-inclusive alternative” to the princess and prince emojis. The new emoji will simply be “Person with Crown.”

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