Democrats Just Voted To Fund Abortions, But Americans Don't Way To Pay For Killing Babies

Tony Perkins

The year was 1993. Republicans and Democrats flocked to the House floor, one right after another. The debate was eerily similar to the one some members of Congress had Thursday: should taxpayers be forced to pay for abortions? President Bill Clinton watched the fireworks from a couple of miles away from the White House, where he’d started this whole argument. For the first time in 17 years, he’d presented a budget with zero abortion restrictions, plunging Congress (and the country) into a furious debate that — until this week — had been a non-negotiable truce.

“You’re going to get a million more abortions,” argued the late Congressman Henry Hyde, who the famous amendment is named for. “We’re awash in a sea of blood.” Then, as now, Democrats resorted to a line about discrimination, arguing that this is about fairness for poor women. Tempers, the New York Times reported that day, got hotter. When things finally quieted down a half-hour later, Democrats insisted on an exception for the “health of the mother,” which Hyde blasted as amounting to “abortion on demand.” At the end of the day, Clinton’s party couldn’t muster the votes it needed to do away with the longtime compromise.

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