Record Number Of Americans Think Killing Babies In Abortions Is "Morally Acceptable"

Steven Ertelt

A new Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans take a pro-life position opposing all or most abortions, but the poll also contains concerning news about Americans and their attitude about killing babies in abortions. The survey finds a record number of Americans say ending he lives of unborn children in abortions is “morally acceptable.”

As LifeNews reported today, Gallup has released new National polling data on the issue of abortion and the results show continued pro-life sentiment across the Untied States as a majority of people say they oppose all or most abortions as Americans have said for years.

Gallup found 52% of Americans take a pro-life position on abortion wanting all (19%) or almost all 33% abortions made illegal. The poll found just 45% of Americans take a pro-abortion position wanting all (32%) or almost all (13%) abortions legal.

But 47% percent of Americans find abortion acceptable, while 46% think abortion is wrong from a moral perspective, the poll found. The percentage of Americans who find abortion acceptable increased two points, the highest level of support Gallup has found since it began tracking the matter two decades ago.

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