TikTok Star Naim Darrechi Condemns Abortion: "A Life Is Being Taken Away"

Micaiah Bilger

Teenage social media star Naim Darrechi recently became a strong voice for life to his 26 million followers.

Aleteia reports the 19-year-old from Mallorca, Spain is popular on the social media site TikTok where he creates short, entertaining videos about his life, music, dancing, jokes and more.

In May, however, Darrechi brought up the serious, controversial topic of abortion on his videos, and he advocated for life, according to the report.

“Naim, what do you think about abortion?” he asked in his first video on the topic, dated May 19. “An abortion is interrupting a life. When a woman is pregnant, if she doesn’t take anything, if she doesn’t abort, the natural cycle is going to make a life emerge.”

Later, he continued: “It’s not the question of whether [the baby] suffers or not. The question is that a life is being taken away. A life that society has disregarded.”

After praise and criticism of his first pro-life video began flooding in, Darrechi responded with more.

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