53% Of People In Oregon Report “fear Of Being A Burden”, As Reason For Assisted Suicide, Recent Report Says


A recent report on assisted suicide in Oregon shows that over 53% of people killed by assisted suicide in 2020 reported the fear of being a burden on family, friends or other caregivers as a reason for wanting assisted suicide. This statistic is sadly consistent with reports from previous years, 54% in 2018, and other states, such as Washington where 51% people gave this as a reason for assisted suicide.

The 2020 report also revealed that 245 people were killed by assisted suicide, a shocking increase of 28% from 2019. Additionally, 71% of people reported loss of dignity, whilst over 94% reported less able to enjoy life, as other reasons for assisted suicide. Of those who were given assisted suicide, over 81% were aged 65 or over.

Reports of feeling like a burden is becoming a devastating trend amongst states where assisted suicide is legal, which brings to light a concern that people are being pressured to end their lives. This raises the question of how has this become acceptable, and what interventions are being put in place to ensure that people no longer feel like they are a burden and must hasten to end their lives as a result.

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