If You’re Stressed, Bored, Or Lonely, Is Watching Porn A Healthy Escape?


People consume porn for any variety of reasons. A common one for young people growing up today is that they’re (understandably) curious about sex or the human body and want to know more about it. But people turn to porn for other reasons, too.

What’s often quoted in surveys is the idea that many believe porn to be a “safe outlet” from the world’s troubles. In other words, some people feel they can turn to porn for stress relief, a distraction from real life, and an outlet for grappling with the experience of growing up and a changing body.

There’s a whole lot that makes a teenager’s life a real struggle, including the age-old pressures to fit in, desire to feel loved, yearning for independence, and need to find themself. Not to mention that our generation today is unique, what with being the only ones who have grown up with the internet and all of its benefits and imperfections, an obvious example being readily accessible porn.

But given all of the challenges they face, turning to porn isn’t the healthiest answer. Out of all the things that could help relieve the tension and manage daily life, according to research, porn is far from a “safe” outlet.

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