Dr. Anthony Levatino: Abortionist Turned Pro-Life

Susan Ciancio

Some events in life buoy us. Some events in life fill us with wonder. And some events drive us to our knees and shatter us. For Dr. Anthony Levatino, that event happened on June 23, 1984.

Dr. Anthony Levatino graduated from Albany Medical College in 1976. He then began medical rotations during his internship at Albany Medical Center to determine where his specialty would lie. He ultimately settled on obstetrics and gynecology. As he said in a September 2020 Focus on the Family interview, it was more fun to tell people “‘it’s a boy’ or ‘it’s a girl’” than to have to sit down and explain a terminal illness.

As part of his training, Dr. Levatino learned how to do abortions. At the time, he was staunchly pro-choice and felt that abortion was a decision only a woman and her doctor should make. He didn’t even think the father should have a say in the matter.

When he was still an intern, he met Cecelia, an ICU nurse who would later become his wife. Unlike Anthony, Cecelia believed abortion was wrong. She says that her rejection of abortion came from neither religion nor faith, but from something inside her that told her that “there’s something wrong with a woman being able to kill her child.” She recalls that, in one of her nursing classes, the students were asked if they wanted to help with an abortion. Only she and one other person declined.

About a year after meeting, he and Cecelia got married, and soon Dr. Anthony Levatino began working in private practice as an OB/GYN. He delighted in delivering babies, but also saw no problem with doing abortions. He states that, as a doctor, when doing abortions, you have to dehumanize the baby and keep both an emotional and professional distance. He would tell himself: “I’m just doing a medical procedure. I’m helping this woman.”

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