Hong Kong’s Swift Descent Into Chinese Oppression Should Alarm Us All


Hong Kong’s descent started in 1997 when the Chinese Communist Party took over the city from the British government. Since then, for more than two decades, Hongkongers have witnessed the CCP’s gradual erosion of their freedoms. The pandemic presented the CCP a perfect opportunity to accelerate its control of the city and its 7.5 million residents.

Last summer, Beijing imposed a draconian National Security Law on Hong Kong, bypassing Hong Kong’s local legislature. Dennis Kwok, a pro-democracy legislator in Hong Kong, said Beijing’s action “basically means the end of ‘One Country, Two Systems.'” Hong Kongers and the rest of the world didn’t even know what the law entailed until the Hong Kong government posted it on its website on midnight of June 30, 2020, as the law went into effect.

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