Five countries sign and two ratify Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons


Dear Jerry --

One day after President Putin explicitly threatened to use nuclear weapons, several countries have taken action by joining the nuclear ban treaty.

At the United Nations just moments ago, five more countries signed and two more countries ratified the landmark 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

This is evidence that there's growing global consensus that nuclear threats are unacceptable and that the work we do to stigmatize and prohibit this behavior is effective.

It's thanks to the persistent efforts and support of individuals like you that more and more leaders are seeing the TPNW as our best chance of bringing the era of nuclear weapons to a permanent end.

The seven nations that just signed or ratified the TPNW are:

Barbados (signed)
Burkina Faso (signed)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (ratified)
Dominican Republic (ratified)
Equatorial Guinea (signed)
Haiti (signed)
Sierra Leone (signed)

Their actions bring the total number of signatories to 91 and states parties to 68.

As we're getting flooded by worrying news about nuclear threats, we now need to make sure people hear about the positive steps forward too. Please help us share this exciting news. It will help send a strong signal to nuclear-armed states that any and all nuclear threats are unacceptable and illegal!

Let's keep up the momentum. As the TPNW states parties declared in Vienna this June: "We will not rest until the last state has joined the treaty [and] the last warhead has been dismantled."

All the best,

Tim, Seth, and Celine

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