These Photos Have Saved Numerous Children From Abortion

Fr. Frank Pavone

July 25, 2022

Fr. Novotny,

"After seeing these pictures and understanding the gruesome way this is done there is no way I can do it!"

This was just one of the comments from someone who was about to get an abortion but saw photos of it on our Priests for Life website.

I'll tell you a lot more about that, but first, a few announcements:

On my Praying for America show tonight, July 25 at 8 pm ET on EndAbortion.TV and the platforms linked from that page, my special guest will be Danielle Underwood from Kansans for Life talking about the pro-life initiative on the ballot in Kansas called Value them Both. I have been drumming up support for this amendment for many months now, because it's so important that it gets passed. Value them Both is an amendment to the Kansas state constitution that would make it clear that this Constitution does not confer a right to abortion or require the government to pay for it. I am asking everyone, not only Kansans, to spread the word. Talk to everyone you know in Kansas. If you use social media, please spread the word about this amendment on all your platforms. If you have a website, post information there as well. Find more information at Kansans are voting NOW through August 2nd. This is the first public referendum on abortion since the Dobbs victory; let's win this!

Also, if you missed President Trump's electrifying rally from Arizona last Friday, you can watch the replay of it at Be sure to watch it to be inspired! And spread the word.

Now for the main topic of this email.

When someone tells you that they are OK with abortion, have you ever responded by asking, "Have you ever seen an abortion?"

At, one of our Priests for Life websites, not only will you find powerful and heartbreaking images of aborted babies but also testimonies of babies saved after individuals looked at these photos.

Photos include aborted babies I have buried over the years, other images put together by my colleagues Monica Miller and Gregg Cunningham, and also the early and late term babies most recently found in Washington, DC. Some of those bodies are still being held at the DC medical examiner's office and being denied a proper burial.

The comments that people have made include people who converted from pro-choice to pro-life because of the photos, silent pro-lifers provoked into action, and of course babies saved, to name a few.

Here are a few examples:

".... My Fiance and I have been back and forth about the decision to keep our baby.... because we are not married yet, after seeing your website and the pictures I have no regrets. After seeing these pictures and understanding the gruesome way this is done there is no way I can do it! We both feel it's a blessing and God will not give either of us more than we can bear.... we are realistic that it will not be easy but we have each other and we can do it! Thank you again.....I promise to inform as many people I know about the realities of abortion I am 28 and I have never been told how it is done what it looks like and I guess until now never wanted to know for selfish reasons..... It makes it easier I think but everyone should know."


"I am 11 wks pregnant and considered having an abortion. I've always been very religious but this was a consideration of mine until now. I can be told how and what the procedure does but never did I really know what it looked like and the aftermath of the child until now. It was very disturbing to see but unfortunately true. I am ashamed to have always been pro-life and considered doing this. I ask GOD to forgive me personally but will say that there was a reason I found this website and it literally changed my heart as well as my mind. I would like to advise to young girls, women that this is not the only option. Every child deserves to be born and live. They are human just like us. We choose as human beings to make love, but God chooses when we create life."


"I considered an abortion when I fell pregnant with my son, I visited your website and was physically sick. Now when I see these images it makes me hug my 8 month old precious baby boy a little bit harder. Please find attached a photo of my son, who without yourselves would not be here."


"A friend of mine recommended me to your site because I told her I was going to have an abortion on this coming Friday. I couldn't help but to just stare at the innocent babies that were killed. Just a couple of hours ago I was saying to myself "I wish I can just get a sign to whether this is a good idea or not". I am 3 months pregnant now and I am actually going to go through with this pregnancy. Thank you."

Again, you can find these photos at On that page you will find photos of babies at early and late gestational ages, obtained from trash cans and medical waste companies.

As you see in these comments, a key reason these lives were saved was that somebody invited a friend to look at these pictures. We urge you to be that somebody. Please share these photos far and wide especially if you know someone considering an abortion.

We invite you as well to let us know the impact these images have had on you by sending us your comments at


Fr. Frank Pavone

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