Let Novak Djokovic Play The US Open - End vaccine requirements NOW!

The LifeSite Team

Dear Jerome,

Novak Djokovic is barred from the United States because he is unvaccinated, meaning he can't compete in the US Open unless President Biden lifts his vaccine mandate for visitors.

This vaccine discrimination needs to end, but that will only happen if people like you find your voice and insist on change.

Sign and share this link demanding Novak Djokovic and other unvaccinated travellers be allowed visit the United States.

Djokovic, who was kicked out of Australia earlier this year for not being vaccinated, has suffered a sustained witchhunt by the world's media, who seem happy to let this injustice continue.

Having won Wimbledon last weekend, Djokovic told a Serbian homecoming celebration that, as a Christian, he had to forgive the people who made this year the hardest of his life.

The tennis legend could still play in the US Open however, if enough people force the Biden Administration to change course.

We must raise our voices against vaccine discrimination, or else face renewed restrictions and mandates in the future when the world's elite find their next opportunity.

Important petition at LifePetitions.com: https://lifepetitions.com/petition/petition-novaka-djokovic-s-medical-exemption-must-be-acknowledged-by-australia-s-government


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