Brian S. Brown

Dear Jerome--It finally happened - Praise God. After nearly 50 years of work by the pro-life community, the US Supreme Court just reversed its disastrous 1973 ruling in Roe v Wade, along with its equally atrocious follow-up ruling in Planned Parenthood v Casey. There never was a legal basis for declaring that there is a right to abortion in the US Constitution, and now the Supreme Court had admitted this fact and returned the issue to the states.

This is a monumental ruling, one that was presaged by the illegal leak of Justice Alito's draft opinion. The case is Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization. We are studying the official ruling now, along with the dissent, and will have much more to say about it as the week advances. The vote was 6-3 with the majority consisting of Justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Barrett and Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts concurring.

This is an enormously important ruling for those of us who believe in the rule of law and the notion that the US Constitution should be judged based on what it says when it was adopted, not on what some activist judge wishes it to say. The alleged constitutional right to abortion never existed; it was invented by activist judges who wanted to advance a political point of view favored by elites.

The ruling also has enormous implications for the future of marriage in America. Like the fictious right to abortion, there is no constitutional right to gay 'marriage.' It was imposed on the American people by activist judges at the urging of the political left. This ruling today will encourage states to challenge the illegitimate Obergefell gay marriage ruling, challenges that we at NOM heartily endorse.

The ruling is also likely to set off a power-keg of protests, perhaps including violent attacks and demonstrations, against churches, pro-life organizations and the Supreme Court as an institution. Let us pray for the safety of the justices and those who work in the Supreme Court as well as all those who work in the community of faith and at pro-life organizations.

But as explosive as the ruling is likely to be on the political left, it is unlikely to change the political direction of the country, since this outcome was widely expected following the illegal leak of the draft opinion in early May. Americans will remain focused on the damage that the Biden administration and the radical left in Congress have done to the economy and American families.

This is a big win, a monumental win. It should inspire every person of good will that no matter how dark and powerful the forces arrayed against us may be, we can prevail.

Brian S. Brown
The International Organization for the Family

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