Never Before Seen Drastic Jump In Deaths For Ages 18-64

Ron Panzer

The Netherlands is planning on a total of six COVID vaccinations/boosters by 2023. That will be duplicated in other nations over time, making the madness of it all obvious to all but the utterly and willingly blind who simply trust in the authority of big government, big Pharma, and their mouthpieces in the major media.

In Amsterdam, "they" want so much to keep the people safe from COVID that they unleash dogs on anti-lockdown protesters. In some nations, they've imprisoned those who protest the draconian policies.

In Austria and some other nations, they are fining those who refuse the "vaccines" so much and eventually they will be impoverished and imprisoned if they continue to refuse. Australia already has its quarantine camps up and running and has imprisoned many who resisted.

To keep the people safe, "they" destroy their lives? beat them? make them starve by depriving them of the ability to earn money or buy food?

Does this make sense? Or, is it becoming more and more obvious that none of this is about protecting the people or saving lives? Yes, it is a global coup disguised as a response to a hyped COVID pandemic.

Dr Malone who invented the mRNA technology, but not for this disaster, received information about an American life insurance company CEO who revealed that deaths among 18-64 year olds are up a never-before-seen 40%!

Though so many doubted that anyone could ever seek to kill off millions of people, it is undeniable that the COVID "vaccination program" is having the intended, utterly evil, heart-breaking depopulation effect.

It is also undeniable that the governments' policies are consciously intended to impose death, just as we've seen for decades in tainted hospice and palliative care settings. See:

UK: Why Is the Govt Buying More of a Drug that allegedly Killed Scores of the Elderly in April 2020?
December 20, 2021 Daily Expose
needtoknow DOT NEWS /2021/12/uk-why-is-the-govt-buying-more-of-a-drug-the-killed-scores-of-the-elderly-in-april-2020/

and see:

What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure?
A report from an Indiana life insurance company raises serious concerns.
Robert W Malone MD, MS Jan 2, 2022
rwmalonemd.substack DOT COM /p/what-if-the-largest-experiment-on

But too many of us have made lemming-like decisions to jump off the cliff with all those ahead of us, and have abandoned even the slightest bit of independent analysis and thinking. Our nation was not founded so that individuals would bow down and simply obey the neo-feudalist leaders who violate the laws and standards they impose on the rest of us.

Psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald shares insights about the COVID indoctrination, hypnotic effects, and conditioning through the years that have made people susceptible to the fear-mongering and COVID indoctrination:

How to Break Free of Fear Addiction
Dr. Mercola January 2, 2022
top-meds DOT ORG /how-to-break-free-of-fear-addiction/

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