A Video To 40 Days For Life From Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone

Sepember 17, 2021

Fr. Novotny,

I want to share with all of you in our Priests for Life family the following message that I am sending today to the 40 Days for Life participants around the world:

Dear 40 Days Leaders and Participants,

I can recall as if it were yesterday the conference calls in which the national 40 Days leaders and I were wondering, “Since Lent is not exactly 40 Days, how do we overlap the Campaign with it? Should we count the Sundays? Should we end a few days before Easter?”

And I recall just as vividly the many national leaders who came to me as word began to spread about 40 Days for Life, and they would ask me, “Is this a good thing to endorse?” And I always told them unequivocally, “Yes. This will spread like wildfire.”

I said that because I knew that the grassroots pro-life movement was ready for it. People were coming out to pray in front of the clinics since the start of legalized abortion, of course, and lives were being saved as they are being saved now. But people needed a mechanism to organize their efforts more effectively. And these Campaigns provide that.

I am happy, therefore, to offer you my video message of encouragement for the Fall 2021 Campaign of 40 Days for Life. (see link below)

Please receive it as a blessing from our entire pastoral team, including Evangelist Alveda King, Executive Director Janet Morana, Associate Director Fr. Denis Wilde OSA, Youth Outreach Director Bryan Kemper, Rachel’s Vineyard founders Dr. Theresa and Kevin Burke, and all of our staff.

And please know of the willingness of the members of our Silent No More Awareness Campaign to join you at your vigils and other events. This has been a strong collaboration for many years, and the voices of those who have had abortions are among the most powerful.

Thank you again! I look forward to seeing many of you at the vigil sites! Let’s go save lives and close abortion mills!

Fr. Frank Pavone


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