Google Censors Live Action

Lila Rose


BREAKING news for you …

At the request of abortion activists, Google has just BANNED all of Live Action's pro-life ads, including those promoting the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment, a resource that has saved 2,500 children to date.

Google has also banned the promotion of our Baby Olivia video, a medically accurate (accredited by OBGYNs), life-like animation of human development in the womb.
Google is citing “unreliable claims.”

The now-banned Abortion Pill Reversal ads had been approved by Google & running for over 4 months, spending over $170,000 and directing hundreds of moms to the abortion pill reversal hotline - in other words, saving hundreds of lives!

Abortion activists knew the ads were making a difference, so they had Google shut them down.

Meanwhile, Google is permitting abortion facilities to advertise next-day abortions & abortion via mail.

Google has sided squarely with extremist pro-abortion political ideology, banning the pro-life counterpoint and life-saving information from being promoted on their platform.

This is a blatant, political double standard: Google is ok with ads promoting life-ending drugs, but not life-saving treatments.

Here we are seeing ties to radical propaganda, working to restrict informed consent and censor life-saving options in order to protect the billion-dollar abortion baby-killing industry.

This is completely unacceptable.

Google must apply fairness and uniformity to its policy and allow Live Action and pro-life partners back on its ads platform.

These kinds of attacks are not new, and our response is the same: Keep fighting!

For life,

Lila Rose
Founder and President

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