Soneeya's Journey To Freedom

Paul at Anti-Slavery

Dear Jerry,
I want to bring you an incredible story of freedom from Soneeya*. (TW: contains sexual violence)

“When I was 15, my parents and relatives arranged my marriage. They didn’t ask me if I wanted to get married. I was shocked and terrified. I had never even met the man I was to marry. He was 28 – 13 years older than me. They forced the decision on me.

“For five days everything was fine. The next night he came home, he tied my arms and legs like an animal. Then he raped me. After that he used to come home drunk every night, beat me and rape me.

“When I got pregnant at 16, I was really scared. He threw 3,000 rupees at me and told me to get an abortion. I went to the hospital, but I couldn’t go through with it. When I went home and told my husband, he beat me with a belt until I was rescued by his brother. After that my husband left.

“My son is 11 years old now and I am proud of him. I’m so happy I brought up my son independently. I’m filing for a divorce and am proud to be able to sign the divorce papers and show my husband what I have become.”

Every year, 23 million girls are married before the age of 18. Many of them have no choice to say no. We must protect girls trapped in forced marriages like Soneeya.

Soneeya received help through our project in Nepal (see click below) and is now helping to protect other girls trapped in forced marriages like she was.

Thank you so much Jerry for your support which makes vital work like this possible. We won't stop until everyone's free.

In solidarity,

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