What's Up With The New Texas Abortion Law?

Eric J.​​​​​ Scheidler

Dear Jerry,

I'm sure by now you've probably heard a lot about Senate Bill 8, the Texas abortion law that was just enacted this morning.

This is a moment of great rejoicing for the pro-life movement!

Babies and their mothers will be saved from the pain of abortion, and Texas has made it clear that they welcome unborn children as part of the human family.

But there's a lot going on in this bill, including how it will be enforced, and time will tell whether S.B. 8 will survive the legal challenges that will certainly be brought against it.

Watch my short video to learn more about what's really going on with the new Texas abortion ban:

Remember: as we rejoice in the implementation of this abortion ban in Texas, we must continue to pray.

Pray for Texas, pray for the Dobbs v. Jackson case that will come before the US Supreme Court soon that could overturn Roe v. Wade, and pray for all those fighting for life on the streets and in the courts and legislatures.

And as we pray, let us continue to work to end abortion, until unborn children are cherished not just in Texas, but all throughout our land.

Yours for Life,

Eric J.​​​​​ Scheidler
Executive Director
Pro-Life Action League

Pro-Life Action League
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Chicago IL 60646

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