What Is A Pregnancy Care Center? And What Is Its Value To The Local Church?


What is a pregnancy care center? And what is its value to the local church?

A pregnancy care center (PCC) is a place where pro-life volunteers and staff combine resources to offer pregnant women alternatives to abortion. They also offer many other services. While local churches are the primary venue for pro-life ministry, itís helpful for them to partner with PCCs in their communities. The PCC is a place where the church meets the world and serves people who are lost. Itís a place where Christians can exercise spiritual gifts of evangelism, helps, mercy, and so on. Itís a mission field right in your neighborhood.

Why, in turn, does the PCC need the church?

Not only does a pregnancy care center need financial support, but it needs staff members and volunteers from area churches because theyíre the kind of people who know and appreciate restorative, redemptive ministry. They understand grace, truth, forgiveness, holiness, and redemption. They are compassionate, patient, humble, and kind. They pray.

Why is the pro-life message essential?

Human beings are created in the image of God. Even after the fall, God reaffirmed to Noah that mankind still bears His image and that each life is precious to Him. Indeed, in the New Testament, the image of God is also invoked in prohibitions against cursing a fellow human being.1

Human life is precious to God because it bears His image. Jesus reminded His disciples that Caesarís image on a coin entitled Caesar to their taxes, while all of us are to give God that which bears His imageó our very lives. We are redeemed from sin in order to bear the image of Christ.2

Our Savior didnít die on the cross to redeem dolphins, pigs, or apes. He died for you and me, for people, His image-bearers. That truth makes the pro-life ethic central to Godís plan. He creates life, endows humans with His image, and has sacrificed His only Son for the sake of that image. So throughout Scripture God exhorts His people to protect one another, especially those who cannot protect themselves. Weíre accountable to and responsible for each other.3

This also explains the Enemyís delight in lashing out at any image-bearer within reach. He cannot destroy God. He tried and lost. All Satan can do is attack image-bearers. Thatís why abortion exists. Satan will attack the weakest and most vulnerable first.4

The pro-life ethic isn't just a component of Christian truth. Itís not something we tack onto our theology because of the problem of abortion. Instead, itís foundational to biblical doctrine and at the core of our worldview. Indeed, itís the heart of Christís call that we reach people with the truth that sets them free. And thatís why itís essential for Christians to conduct pro-life ministry.5

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