This Is My Nightmare.

Linda Goudsmit

Without freedom of speech there is no freedom. It is the reason why every totalitarian regime on the face of the earth begins by restricting freedom of speech. The first step is censorship. The next step is book burning to erase the history, culture, and any record of dissent. Its name is cancel culture. Conformity is the goal of the ruling class. It is not necessary to bun books in the 21st century. The task is accomplished digitally with the click of a keystroke and an echoing media. The third step is redefinition of language. Words matter. Orwell understood the dynamics of social engineering. "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." Biden's ascension to the presidency has institutionalized the cancel culture movement. But that's not all. The foolish cancel culture devotees are participating in their own destruction. There is no place for dissent in the globalist plan for planetary governance, The technocracy that is being established will simply eliminate dissenters - possibly through vaccines - all for the greater good of course.

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