Today We Grieve, Tomorrow We Fight

Lila Rose


Today marks 48 years since the U.S. Supreme Court sentenced 62 million preborn babies to death.

They were stripped of all legal protections. Their inherent human rights were rejected by the powers and institutions that should have defended them.

Every day the atrocity of abortion remains legal, we lose another 2,363 precious and innocent children - truly one of the gravest, if not the gravest, moral tragedies in human history.

We must end this bloodshed.

Abortion has never been about truth, justice, or helping women. It’s always been about using women and killing their children for selfish ambition and profit.

Jerry, on this somber anniversary, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to see the true story of Roe v. Wade - and know how opportunistic lawyers and activist judges invented an erroneous legal framework for the unfettered killing of the preborn.

Only by educating others with the truth - that Roe was NOT based on the Constitution, nor any medical understanding of pregnancy or fetal development - can we begin to build a world that will finally rid us of this shameful legacy.

Watch “The True Story of Roe v. Wade” here:

Each one of these babies we lose to abortion are precious, worthy, and unrepeatable.

I am heartbroken. Angry. Weary. We should all be.

I am angry at the ugly lie that my so-called empowerment as a woman supposedly hinges on my ability to choose to kill my preborn son or daughter.

I am sickened that we are told to pay for progress with an innocent child’s bloodshed. I refuse to accept this atrocity that they position as advancement.

But I am determined. More than ever: We will not forget. We will not stop fighting. We will pray, and hope, and work until every single child is safe.

We must recommit ourselves to exposing this injustice. The actions we take every day - small and large - are what will make the difference in putting an end to this horrific violence.

Jerry, that’s why I am so glad you are with us - to see the truth for yourself, to spread it to others, and help change hearts and minds and save lives.

Together, we will build a world where all preborn children are protected and their killing will be unthinkable.

For life,

Lila Rose
Founder and President
Live Action

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