SICK: Aborted Baby Skin Grafted On Mice – Sign Urgent Protest

John Ritchie

Dear Rev. Fr. Novotny, OMI,

What are "humanized" mice?

Unfortunately, the University of Pittsburgh is using human organs and skin from aborted babies for “research” -- grafting baby scalps onto mice and rats.

Dr. Stacy Trasancos, who opposes the practice, explains:

“Human hair was evident by 12 weeks but only in the grafts taken from the fetal scalps. In the scalp grafts, fine human hair can be seen growing long and dark surrounded by the short white hairs of the mouse.”


Sign your protest below against this barbaric experimentation.

I’m sick to even write about this issue, but this is where the Culture of Death has taken society. This is what a society without God and without morals offers.

“The images literally show a patch of baby hair growing on a mouse’s back,” wrote Dr. Trasancos in the National Catholic Register.

The Most Rev. Joseph E. Strickland, Bishop of Tyler, Texas, condemned the use of aborted baby parts for research.

“These are crimes against humanity that should be prosecuted,” he tweeted. “Silence in the face of these atrocities simply adds to the evil. Wake up America! Demand that this stops NOW!”

Click below to tell the University of Pittsburgh to stop using aborted baby parts.

I’m rushing to collect 20,000 protest petitions by Wednesday.

Whatever you can do to help me reach 20,000 people is most appreciated.

Thank you for fighting the good fight.

John Ritchie
TFP Student Action, Director

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