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June 18, 2024

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Valuing life: abortion is just the tip of the iceberg
"Some lives aren't worth living". That's the claim behind the campaign for assisted suicide and euthanasia. They want our country to pass laws that allow doctors to help end patients' lives.

Belarus: Crackdown on Human Rights Lawyers
Harassment and Prosecutions; Total State Control Over Legal Profession

Study Finds Only 0.4% of Abortions are Done Because of Rape
More than 95 percent of abortions are done simply out of convenience, while only 0.4 percent of women are getting abortions as a result of rape or incest.

Artificial Intelligence and the Human Factor
Our Editorial Director reflects on an event in 1983, when a man saved the world from a nuclear war that could have been triggered by the error of a machine.

Could the World Health Organization use the next pandemic to become a global tyrant?
The World Health Organization (WHO), the health agency of the United Nations, is drafting new documents which aim to radically change response and readiness for future pandemics.

Amid marginalisation of Christians in Gaza, 3 Christian countries endorse Palestinian statehood
Israel is home to about 150,000 Christians, 80 percent of them Arabs. They live and prosper in security and equality with their fellow Jewish and Muslim citizens. But they are an anomaly in the Middle East. And well beyond.

Research Confirms 95.9% of Abortions are Killing Babies as Birth Control, Just .4% for Rape
For this report, we compiled publicly available data from the eight states that collected and reported 2021 data on women's reasons for choosing abortion.

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Supported Harrison Butker's Pro-Life, Pro-Family Message
A firestorm of controversy was unleashed this month when Kansas City Chiefs placekicker Harrison Butker gave a graduation speech at a Catholic college, expressing traditional Christian views about family and a pro-life message. But new polling shows most Americans aren't offended, however.

New study: People who undergo transgender surgery are 12 times more likely to commit suicide
A comprehensive new study provides unequivocal evidence that those who undergo so-called "gender reassignment" surgery put themselves at a vastly increased risk of suicide - an astounding 12 times that of the general population.

NFL's Harrison Butker doubles down on pro-family speech: 'What I value most is my Catholic faith'
Harrison Butker has doubled down on his promotion of Catholic family values, telling a crowd last night, 'Our love for Jesus, and thus our desire to speak out, should never be outweighed by the longing of our fallen nature to be loved by the world.'

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Human Dignity and Shady Characters

It appears today that the truth is not important anymore. What is important is to do what is "politically correct", not what is right. Our involvement in politics should be driven by the uncompromising belief that no one is worthless and that truth is paramount. For this reason, we, as Christians, defend the Right of the unborn to live. It is also the reason why we stand against suicide and euthanasia. We do not have a right to kill people because they are near death and need our help. Our witness to the dignity of human life also requires that we speak up against unjust wars, (eg. Ukraine, Gaza), for migrants who are fleeing violence (eg. Somalia, Kenya) and other hardships (eg. North Korea, Afghanistan). These people have dignity no matter what language they speak and no matter what religion they practice. The same is true for prisoners. No matter what crimes they have committed, their lives still matter and they still deserve to be treated with respect. As Christians, we must give voice to all those people whom the world says are worthless. When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make any compromises. Period! The world needs our witness more than ever. So let us not be afraid to speak up for those who are so often forgotten and overlooked. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Drug Wars

Judie Brown
Today the tools are different, but the end game is the same: rendering women unable to become pregnant so that they do not have to be concerned about childbearing as they freely participate in sexual activity. The victims in the war are women and preborn babies. This is so because, in a war, the goal is victory at any price.

New! Artificial Wombs, Artificial Love

Samantha Stephenson
When we reject suffering and seek to replace it with artificiality, we miss our invitation to submit to the conditions under which love flourishes. We also lose sight of the meaning and purpose of our existence, which is not to pursue our own comfort and convenience, but to love God and our neighbor, even when that involves sacrifice and hardship.

New! Dying Alone

Elizabeth Regnerus
Enabling "the good death" begins with reviving attentiveness. We must first attend to the dying in our own communities. Care for the dying, in turn, enlivens reflectiveness on our own death. To advocate increased attendance in the death chamber is not meant to scare, nor to set up a macabre museum. It is instead a reminder that all men are mortal and that one's eternal destiny is of the utmost urgency. It is instead a way to reintroduce and refine the art of dying well.

Is the Fight against Assisted Dying a Lost Cause?

Mehmet Ciftci
We all fall prey to doom-scrolling. But being captivated by the seemingly unstopped spread of assisted suicide and euthanasia from country to country can make us forget something important about these campaigns: their successes are outnumbered by their failures.

Valuing the Craft of Beautiful Homemaking

Ivana Greco
Understanding homemaking as a craft that produces beautiful (if intangible) results should hopefully encourage young men and women who are thinking about caring for a home and/or children. For the young mother or father overwhelmed by all there is to do and feeling incompetent in the face of the multiple - often conflicting - demands of house and children, it may help to know that homemaking is a skill to be developed over time.

Some guys just like to collect foetal remains. You got a problem with that?

Michael Cook
The man who was probably Indiana's most experienced abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer, was hardly an attractive advertisement for his profession when he was alive. But after his death on September 3, he has become the Chernobyl of reputation management.

Children: the Supreme Gift of Marriage

Janet E. Smith
What I wish to explore here is how the modern age has a philosophical and theological dysfunctionality in respect to its understanding of children and their intrinsic importance, and of the importance of children to their parents and society. At the risk of sounding unduly alarmist, I must observe that our society has nearly reached a state of philosophical insanity in respect to the value of human life, the value of babies and the meaning of sexuality. A state of philosophical insanity means that we are fundamentally and basically denying the reality of fundamental and basic truths to the point that our behavior is dangerously self-destructive.

Liu Xiaobo: A Voice For Human Rights

*Offsite Article
Dear Friends for Life: China's treatment of Liu's democratic voice has been brutal and inhumane, even during his last days. Liu Xiaobo is a Chinese citizen, a Chinese intellectual and a Chinese winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. On July 13, 2017, Liu died from liver cancer in a Shenyang hospital in Liaoning Province while being guarded by armed state security. Despite needing urgent medical treatment, Chinese authorities refused to give him what he asked for and deserved - freedom.

China's workforce contracts further

Marcus Roberts
China's woes: its National Bureau of Statistics has announced that the number of working-age Chinese (aged 16-60 years old) dropped in 2015 by 4.9 million.

Vatican Official Clarifies His Position Regarding Vaccine Statements to CNS

Debi Vinnedge
Msgr Jacques Suaudeau of the Pontifical Academy for the Family has clarified what was meant by the recent Vatican statement, completely contradicting the July 26, 2005 CNS article, Vatican says refusing vaccines must be weighed against health threats.

A Down syndrome Christmas carol

Kurt Kondrich
My favorite story this time of year is "A Christmas Carol." I was reflecting on how the message from this Charles Dickens classic connects to children with Down syndrome over the last 50 years.

Do you really want to be an organ donor?

Paul A. Byrne
Life on earth continues until true death. Prior to the desire to get organs for transplantation, no one was declared dead with a beating heart, circulation, or breathing. Every organ for transplantation is taken from a living person. Would anyone with common sense believe that a cadaver, a dead body, would have organs that could be transplanted?

Rwandan Genocide Redux?

Steven Mosher
U.S.-funded groups gear up to carry out a massive sterilization campaign in this tiny African country.

Mainstreaming Depravity

Judie Brown
Planned Parenthood has attempted to insinuate itself and its beliefs into countless aspects of our children's lives. In this commentary, you will see how Planned Parenthood has broken into an organization that was once revered for its betterment of young women.

Principle of Totality and its Relevance in Bioethics

Scaria Kanniyakonil
Bioethics is a blooming branch among academic disciplines, helping people to take moral decisions in health-related contexts and biological issues. People take decision either from the secular perspectives or from religious perspectives. On the one side, many of the secular approaches based their decision from quality of life arguments. On the other side, religions take their ethical decision from sanctity of life arguments; this means we have to respect the human being from the beginning to the end. Regarding bioethical issues, Catholic Church also takes decision from the sanctity of life arguments. This teaching can be seen from the scripture and the tradition of the Church, and the teaching is very clear. However, in certain circumstances, the theological concept of life is not enough to take decision when the life issues produces simultaneously good effect and bad effect. In this context catholic bioethical principles, based on the sanctity of life arguments, such as principle of totality and double effect, help the faithful to take the decisions in conflict situations. Many of the secular approaches, which are based on quality of life, are against these principles.