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December 6, 2021

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Miscarriage In The Shadow Of Abortion
The most foundational evidence for the value of the human person is the child in the womb, whose life creates beauty and obligations, possessing all the hope of humanity. When life in the womb has an ambiguous civil, social, and legal status, how can the fabric of our civilization hold together? The unborn child is the most singular affirmation we possess that our existence is not pointless.

Small Children Remember Their Life In The Womb
The scientific community is finally beginning to grasp what the ancient Hebrews understood thousands of years ago; an unborn child thinks, feels, and remembers.

The US Bishops’ Statement: An Invitation To Disobedience
After voting almost unanimously to approve a long-awaited statement on the Eucharist, the members of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) gave themselves a hearty round of applause. I wonder if they noticed that not many other Catholics are clapping.

Chicago Public Schools Blasted For Eliminating Separate Restrooms For Boys And Girls
The Chicago Public School District is requiring all schools to adopt restroom signage which specifies that restrooms are open to members of both sexes

Dispelling 3 Common Myths About Abortion
Abortion activists claim that abortions are safer than childbirth. But that’s the exact inverse of reality – and for a number of reasons. First, this framing of the debate denies the humanity of the unborn child from the outset. Because every fetus is a human possessing fundamental dignity, their health and safety must also be taken into consideration. No procedure that destroys life can be considered safe. By definition, abortion is always fatal for at least one party involved; namely, the unborn child. Therefore, by definition, abortion is never ‘safe.

Critics Say Canada Is Too Quick To Treat Gender Dysphoria In Minors With Hormones And Surgery
“…[L]ast year the young woman made a stunning admission to her mother: even as she was being wheeled into the operating room to have her breasts removed, she was having doubts about her decision. Now the 21-year-old is ‘detransitioning,’ reverting to her original female identity. And Mary is part of a nascent movement calling for breaks to be placed on a health-care system geared to affirming a young person’s transgender feelings with drugs and surgery, allegedly in some instances after little assessment of other psychological issues.”

Regardless Of When An Unborn Child Is Considered ‘Viable,’ It’s An Arbitrary Standard
“The Supreme Court heard arguments in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on Wednesday, a case addressing the specific question of, ‘Whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional.’ Or in layman’s terms, should states ever be allowed to outlaw abortions before the child is developed enough to survive outside the womb? The Supreme Court’s answer to this question has the potential to reshape or even obliterate the applicability of Roe.”

Science Confirms Unborn Children Are Human Beings, Let’s End Abortion And Help Pregnant Moms
This week, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is hearing opening arguments in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This SCOTUS case, which reflects the most significant legal challenge on the issue of abortion since Roe v. Wade, has the ability to set new precedent with regard to individual states’ abilities to protect unborn children.

The Redeeming Gift Of Adoption
The majority of individuals are blessed to be born and raised by their biological parents. However, many children across our nation are waiting for a family to welcome them home through the process of adoption. According to the Adoption Network, two percent of Americans have adopted children into their homes—roughly 140,000 children are adopted in the United States each year, with nearly 1.5 million children adopted in America today.

Australia Records More Deaths Following COVID Vaccines Than All Other Shots Combined In Over 50 Years
Serious questions being raised about why medicine not pulled

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War Against Children: Climate Change - "before and after" (Part 8)

(BEFORE COP25) -- "You'll die of old age; we'll die of climate change!" Young people strike back against apathy among politicians dealing with climate change. "What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!" echoed throughout central Glasgow as thousands of protesters took the streets during the dedicated "Youth Day" at COP26. Young leaders did their best to make their voices be heard, expressing their discontent with the current state of climate action, or, as some claimed, "climate inaction." Even very small children gathered in the demonstration. "Climate change is worse than homework", one of them told UN News. WHO estimates that 80% of the illnesses, injuries, and deaths occurring due to climate change are poor children under 5-years of age. Worldwide, over half a billion children are forced to live in extremely high flood area-zones; nearly 160 million live in extremely high drought area-zones. Isn't it about time for our apathic politicians to take "responsibility" and "do something constructive" to protect the future of our planet and our children? (AFTER COP25) -- ...... Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Men and Abortion

Shenan J. Boquet
Many people think that abortion is just a "woman's issue." But they don't understand that it affects the father as well, for he too loses a child. Further, the man often experiences the same types of emotions that a woman experiences after the loss of a child. And though very little research has been done on post-abortive men, the fact that post-abortive ministries now usually include services for men are evidence that men hurt too.

New! What is Behind the Puppet Masters and Their Agenda?

Ron Panzer
These puppet masters are utilitarians. They are the secular humanists who believe they know best how the world should be managed and that the world should be managed by them. They have nothing but disdain for any ideas supporting the individual's rights, the sanctity of life, reverence for God, and human freedom. We are facing an entirely new face of an evil that is as old as time itself, and the source is the ultimate puppet master of evil.

Progressive Legal Scholars Have Long Known Roe's Reasoning Is Calamitous

Phillip Williamson
Roe is indefensible as a matter of honest constitutional interpretation. It short-circuited the political process and poisoned the Court. Its systematic flaws, widely acknowledged by a variety of progressive and pro-choice legal scholars, caused the judiciary to become the branch most, not "least[,] dangerous to the political rights of the Constitution."

It's Time to Oppose COVID Authoritarianism

Allen Porter
Safetyism and Wokeism are fellow travelers, joined at the hip in many more contexts than not. Both elevate people's subjective and emotional experiences, so long as they point in a progressive direction, over what is biologically or scientifically true. It is time for both conservatives and traditional liberals to wake up to this reality, which requires more consistently translating our convictions into action.

Can Catholics Object to COVID-19 Vaccines on Religious Freedom Grounds?

Gwyneth Spaeder
There are likely vanishingly few individuals who apply the rigorous ethical criteria they use against the COVID-19 vaccine to the rest of their medical and personal decisions. Such inconsistent application of religious freedom principles in the COVID-19 vaccine debate threatens to significantly weaken desperately needed protections for Catholic medical practices.

The bioethics of precision medicine

Xavier Symons
The idea of 'precision medicine' has become the subject of much discussion, following US President Barak Obama's 2015 State of the Union address. In his speech, President Obama promised to invest $215 million in a ground-breaking 'precision medicine' initiative, with the short-term aim of running drug trials for targeted cancer treatments.

Jesus: The Compassionate Healer

Jeremiah R. Grosse
The story of Jairus' daughter and the woman with the hemorrhage (Mk. 5:21-43) portrays Jesus as a compassionate healer who showed us the importance connection between faith and healing. The story of the woman with the hemorrhage, which is sandwiched between the beginning and end of the story of Jairus' daughter, portrays this image quite clearly.

Marijuana and Psychosis
Real Data, Real Bad

John Stonestreet
The pitfalls and perils of marijuana legalization are well-documented.

BABI: Another Anti-Life Genetic Baby Package
Randy Engel, Editor

BABI is the incredibly facetious acronym for blastomere analysis before implantation, the latest and most lethal prenatal diagnosis package for eugenic ends. The blastomere is the structure of cells resulting from the very earliest division of a fertilized egg or zygote.

The Problem with Half-Truths and IVF

Judie Brown
Usually touted as a wonderful advance in the field of medicine, IVF's hidden atrocities and dangers are seldom discussed. IVF is seen as a "miraculous" way for people to have a child when creating this child without intervention has not happened. But IVF is much more than the creation of a child in a petri dish and its ramifications should leave you feeling somber and outraged.

"Pro-Life With Exceptions" A Contradiction in Terms

Colleen Parro
Legal abortion will disappear only when the conviction, the action, the policies and the laws match the rhetoric. They will happen only when the pro-life movement, its leaders and its supporters, speak with one voice, with no exception and no compromise.

Increased global migration

Marcus Roberts
Is it the answer to the west's demographic problems?

Nepal: Dr. C.K. Raut and supporters arrested and tortured at peaceful gatherings

Asia Human Rights
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) strongly condemns the Nepal Police who arrested Dr. C. K. Raut and more than two hundred supporters of his campaign.

Statement on Euthanasia

Official Documents
Current efforts to legalize euthanasia place our society at a critical juncture. These efforts have received growing public attention due to new publications giving advice on methods of suicide and some highly publicized instances in which family members or physicians killed terminally ill persons or helped them kill themselves. Proposals such as those in the Pacific Northwest, spearheaded by the Hemlock Society, aim to change state laws against homicide and assisted suicide to allow physicians to provide drug overdoses or lethal injections to their terminally ill patients.

Why Roe Must Go

Rita Joseph
All ideological fads eventually fade and collapse into disrepute, because they have no foundation in truth. "Pro-choice" ideology had its rise, which was based on the crude, reductionist falsehood that a human being in the womb is an anonymous, generic "bunch of cells." Now, its central lie has been unmasked, and Roe is ripe for reversal.