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October 4, 2022

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Brave high school girls' volleyball players who object to trans teammate using their locker room now reportedly under investigation by school
Several brave members of a girls' high school volleyball team in Vermont have taken a stand against a trans teammate sharing their locker room. And now, they may be under investigation by the school for possible harassment.

Post-Abortion Support Groups: Find Healing After Abortion
Those who regret their abortions often experience guilt, shame, grief, anxiety, depression, a negative self-worth, drug and alcohol addiction, suicidal thoughts, and more. But they can find healing. They can find forgiveness?from God and from themselves.

Mark Houck's Wife Says FBI Raid Traumatized Her Children: "There's a Lot of Crying"
In a new interview, Mark Houck's wife says the FBI raid at their family home left their children traumatized.

The Cost of Raising Children
Parents should be thoughtful about how and when to embark on the journey, but children are a gift, not a burden. They are image bearers, not luxury goods. To think about kids only in terms of how they impact our happiness or our wallets is to completely miss the point.

How St. Helena Handled a Difficult Marriage
The Church's ancient wisdom remains as true today as at the time of Jesus' and Paul's admonition that spouses stay faithful to the end, even in separation.

We Didn't Start the IVF Clinic Fire
We must redirect the conversation back to the question ?What are the unborn???so that we have the information we need to answer the question that is pertinent to the issue of abortion: can I directly kill this unborn entity simply because he is unwanted?

Five Reasons for Hope
The Church, marriage, the family, as well as society in general are experiencing a crisis of grave proportions. Many are feeling a sense of hopelessness.

Canadian archdiocese looks to combat homelessness by providing tiny shelters
"Even if you're working full-time, even if you have some savings for first and last month's deposit, the rents are so insane that you just can't afford them," said Moses. "It's so hard just to find a place and to be able to afford a place."

The Mission of Fatherhood
The mission of fatherhood is to reveal and relive on earth the very fatherhood of God.

Here's Some Required Reading For Gender-Confused Teen Girls Before They Remove Their Breasts
The New York Times ran a chipper story Monday about the glamour of teenage girls removing their breasts to, as the paper put it, "better align their bodies with their experience of gender."

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War Against Children: World's First "Synthetic Embryo" - 'homo sapiens' next? (Part 12)

When we look at the state of the world today, it is easy to get discouraged and depressed. In all areas of our life as a society - whether it is the economy, the corona pandemic, world politics or the war on children - things are not good and in general appear to be getting worse, like the senseless attacks in Ukraine by Putin and his gestapo army. I think that most people will admit that our world is more divided now than ever before. The real value and dignity of human life has been placed on the slippery slope of destruction while science and technology introduce a false future of hope for mankind, not to mention big businesses raking in money from these so-called modern advances. Just recently, we learned that Israeli scientists have created the world's first "synthetic embryos". This time the attack by adults focuses on pre-born children at the very beginning of their lives, ie. "synthetic embryos" grown outside of the womb without the natural process of sperm, egg and fertilization. Now the slippery slope of science begins. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Rights and Liberty in the Western Legal Tradition

Mark David Hall
John Witte, Jr.'s The Blessings of Liberty offers a wonderful overview of the development of human rights in the West. He contends that natural rights are found in the Bible, were developed by Christian thinkers, and played an important role in the West long before Enlightenment thinkers wrote about them. Witte also focuses on religious freedom more narrowly as the preeminent right.

New! Transfiguring the Unborn: Abortion, Human Equality, and Moral Perception

David McPherson
Moral differences over abortion need to be understood as differences of vision. While pro-life advocates rightly appeal to fundamental human equality, they also must respond to those who have difficulty seeing early human life as fully amongst us. Overcoming this difficulty requires developing a sense of awe and reverence before the sheer fact of human existence, as well as addressing common ways of looking away from the full moral reality of abortion.

New! Protecting the Unborn: A Scholars' Statement of Pro-Life Principle and Political Prudence

"Just as justice requires us to protect all unborn children, so too does it require us to protect access to life-affirming medical treatment for pregnant women facing grave medical complications. This is part of the pro-life ideal, not an exception to it. While children at all stages of development ought to enjoy the law's protections, political realities may make it impossible to achieve this fully and immediately in many jurisdictions. When that is so, enacting the most pro-life law realistically possible is justified.

New! California "Transgender Refuge" Bill Usurps Parental Rights and Endangers Children

Melissa Moschella
If Governor Newsom signs California's transgender youth "refuge" bill into law, it will be one of the most explicit and radical assaults on parental rights that our nation has ever seen. While debates about how best to care for children with gender dysphoria are ongoing, one thing is clear: encouraging troubled children to run away from home and dividing them from their parents is certain to inflict great harm.

New! Senate to Vote on Same-Sex "Marriage"

Shenan J. Boquet
This radical bill already passed the U.S. House in July, with the help of 47 Republicans. Now, however, it needs to pass the Senate, where its fate is more uncertain. However, I am concerned that certain Republican Senators are quietly planning on supporting it, which could ensure its passage. For this reason, it is crucial that Americans reading this column immediately contact their senators, letting them know that they expect them to vote against this destructive bill.

Ambrose: Public Sin, Public Penance

Anthony Zimmerman
We look to Saint Ambrose (340-397) to learn how a great bishop once dealt with a great politician who had sinned publicly. In matters of religion, said Ambrose, the bishop instructs a Catholic emperor; in that area, emperors do not judge bishops. He matched deeds with words. Two giants met, the one standing tall in the Church, the other tall in statesmanship. The world is better today because of their sterling good example.

The Biblical End of Time

Barbara Kralis
We live today in a most difficult time, perhaps the time foretold by the Holy prophets before us when Satanic evil will happen so quickly and so often that it will be impossible to keep up with it all.

Forgiving the Unforgivable: A Lesson in Love

Margarita A. Mooney
I initially tried to explain forgiveness in terms of the psychological benefits to oneself, or even in terms of social harmony. But narratives of forgiveness as an outpouring of love correspond more to a different explanation of forgiveness: the desires of a heart that wants to expand. This is not a sentimental love; it is a love that seeks charity in truth, in justice, and in regarding our neighbor who has harmed us as a person deserving of the same merciful love that we ourselves have already been shown.

Little progress in ensuring the safety of IVF freezing tanks, one year after two catastrophic failures

Michael Cook
In an extraordinary coincidence last year, the freezing tanks at two major American IVF centres malfunctioned, destroying the embryos and eggs belonging hundreds of clients.

"Enough word games, Ms Wershler: MAPs Maim and Kill"

Dianne N. Irving
Laura Wershler is right about word games. Hers. ... With disregard for the health and lives of both women and children, not to mention the objective scientific facts, Wershler tries to discredit pharmacist Maria Bizecki and recent rulings by reframing the morning-after pill (MAP) debates solely in terms of "pro-life agendas," "religious rights" and "tolerance." Why? It's the only route left to her and a failing industry. Enough is enough. No more manipulation by verbal engineering. Those who persist in trying to misinform the public should be held accountable.

Climate Change, Abortion and the Sexual Revolution

Steven Mosher
It's a good question. After all, climate crisis advocates blame human activity as the leading cause for climate change. So why not push for global access to abortion and contraception under the guise of climate activism to address the "source" of all climate change - humanity?

Embryos are bigger than their bodies

Anthony Zimmerman
Embryos are indeed tiny at their inception; so tiny that the naked eye can barely see them even if the viewer knows where to look.

EWTN - Getting the Word Out

I often tell people that Natural Family Planning (NFP) is the pre-text for the context. Marital chastity is the context we are aiming for, but many will only get there through the practice of NFP. I believe that one reason why many couples are not familiar with "what'' NFP is, "why" use it, and "how" to use it, is that NFP is a foreign phrase in their lives. Therefore, it is always a good thing to find more and better ways to get the NFP message out to the public in many and varied ways.

A Path to Detente in the War over Abortion (Part one)

Julia D. Hejduk
How can we make it more attractive, and more beneficial to everyone, for women facing unwanted pregnancy to choose to carry their babies to term? The first in a two-part series.

Head of GPs in UK takes stand against assisted dying

Michael Cook
The president of the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK, Iona Heath, has taken a strong stand against the legalisation of assisted suicide.