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May 9, 2021

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Phoenix Bishop Warns Of ‘deadly Apathy’ Of Silence On Pro-abortion Catholic Politicians
The bishop of Phoenix this week supported a recent letter from the archbishop of San Francisco stating that Catholics cooperating with abortion should not present themselves for Communion.

Former Weightlifter Says Women Being Told To 'be Quiet' When Complaining About Transgender Competitor
Former Olympic weightlifter Tracey Lambrechs says women are being told to “be quiet” when they complain about the fairness of transgender New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard competing in women’s competitions.

‘Leftovers’: The Dehumanizing Language Of The IVF Industry
Fertility is a billion-dollar industry that profits from the desperation of people who want to be parents. Just one round of IVF costs tens of thousands of dollars with only a 20-30% chance of success. On that path to success are countless babies who either didn’t survive, were discarded for not being perfect, or were aborted for being one baby too many after they were created to fulfill their parents’ wishes.

53% Of People In Oregon Report “fear Of Being A Burden”, As Reason For Assisted Suicide, Recent Report Says
A recent report on assisted suicide in Oregon shows that over 53% of people killed by assisted suicide in 2020 reported the fear of being a burden on family, friends or other caregivers as a reason for wanting assisted suicide. This statistic is sadly consistent with reports from previous years, 54% in 2018, and other states, such as Washington where 51% people gave this as a reason for assisted suicide.

WATCH: Babies Born Alive In Abortion To Harvest Cells - Shocking Testimony From Undercover Investigator
He also exposed a protocol designed by doctor Joerg Gerlach, a stem cell scientist in Pitt's McGowan Regenerative Medicine Institute, for harvesting fetal liver cells from live babies. It is deeply disturbing.

If You’re Stressed, Bored, Or Lonely, Is Watching Porn A Healthy Escape?
But given all of the challenges they face, turning to porn isn’t the healthiest answer. Out of all the things that could help relieve the tension and manage daily life, according to research, porn is far from a “safe” outlet.

German Medical Association Changes Their Position On Assisted Suicide.
The German Medical Association have changed their charter by removing the statement: “A doctor may not provide any assistance for suicide.”

University Of Pittsburgh Uses Taxpayer-Funded Aborted Babies For Medical Research
Researchers grafted skin from aborted fetuses onto rodent bodies, creating what they call 'humanized rat models.'

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Catholic Women Issue Statement Opposing Use of ‘Abortion-Tainted Vaccines’

Eighty-six Catholic women from 25 countries issued a letter Monday opposing what they called “abortion-tainted” COVID-19 vaccines, and arguing Church statements approving their use rely on “an incomplete assessment of the science of vaccination and immunology.” The signatories of the letter include doctors, nurses, bioethics experts, religious sisters, and pro-life activists from four continents. “We cannot sit back as the use of aborted human fetuses in medical research is gradually normalized as an ‘unfortunate’ part of modern-day medicine,” the women stated. “It is time for clergy and laity to boldly confront this horror and defend the right to life for the most vulnerable with ‘maximum determination.’” “The evil of using aborted fetal cell lines involves not just the original murder, but the ongoing commercialization ..... Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Gender and the Divine Icon

Douglas P. McManaman
Male and female are not human constructs but have a profoundly religious meaning, an iconographic significance. The liquidation of this duality, the attempt to splinter it into a multiplicity of pieces is a modern form of iconoclasm; it is an obscuring of the significance of this icon, if not an attempt to destroy it.

New! At-Home Abortions Are Not Pro-Woman

Shenan J. Boquet
In addition to making it easier for women to obtain abortions during the pandemic, telemedicine abortions are also a handy way for abortion groups to bypass the growing number of pro-life laws at the state level. Already, the number of medical abortions is exploding, with over 40% of all abortions in the U.S. now being performed using pills. Some abortion activists have already said that if the U.S. were to overturn Roe v. Wade, and if states then made abortion completely illegal, they would simply illegally mail abortion pills to women.

New! In California, Hundreds of Men Transfer to Female Prisons

John Stonestreet
To ignore biological reality in the context of punishment and rehabilitation is not wholly different than a doctor or nurse treating a patient according to a perceived identity that conflicts with biological reality. Such medical care would not be helpful or loving. It would be malpractice.

New! Why We Must Defend Hyde and Helms Amendments

Steven Mosher
Regardless of what opinions one holds on abortion, Americans have long believed that taxpayers - many of whom are deeply opposed to abortion for moral or religious reasons - should, at the very least, not be forced to pay for the cost of a woman's abortion through their taxes. This position has long been non-controversial and widely accepted by even many Americans on the left.

New! The Sanctifying Work of Pregnancy

Lara Ryd
Even as a woman shapes the child growing within her, the joys and trials of pregnancy are shaping her, sanctifying her, and teaching her how to depend on others during this season of peculiar service.

A Humanae Vitae Week In Los Angeles

Matthew Habiger
The objective in L.A. was to promote God's plan for human love and life. Many Catholics are open to the values of Humanae Vitae and are either dubious about or disgusted with contraception.

Euthanasia on the rise in Flanders region

Xavier Symons
Almost one in 20 people in northern Belgium died using euthanasia in 2013, more than doubling the numbers in six years, a study released Tuesday showed.

Love, Justice, and the Dying

Judie Brown
Love, kindness, and compassion. These are words that seem to be finding their way out of the treatment process when it comes to dealings with someone suffering from a terminal illness. We must always remember how truly important and vital each human being is - no matter the stage of life.

Abortion, Pro-Lifers and a Rash of Relativism

Judie Brown
Over the past few months I have observed a growing tendency among pro-life Americans to gravitate toward compromise. The confusion that this is causing not only amazes me, but saddens me as well. So let's review some basic facts that cannot be disputed.

Cambodia: Ruling Elite's crimes against humanity revisited

Asia Human Rights
Cambodians' dissatisfaction with the country's direction is well-documented.

When do we become autonomous?

Michael Cook
When a 17-year-old rejects chemotherapy - with her mother's support - the state should step in.

'Embryos On Ice' And Other Absurdities

Judie Brown
Of all the now familiar terms we have seen and heard applied to preborn children, perhaps the most heartless is "Embryos on ice." While the term was coined by a Raleigh, North Carolina News & Observer reporter covering fertility clinics, the idea reappeared just a few days ago in a New York Times article entitled "Parents Torn Over Fate of Frozen Embryos." The underlying idea in both articles is that parents are faced with a dilemma involving "extra" embryos that were not needed for the in vitro fertilization procedure they underwent in order to have a child. These parents - loving and well meaning, I am sure - have unwittingly contributed to the ongoing growth of the culture of death by agreeing with the hypothesis that there are embryonic children who are somehow less human than those who were implanted in their mom and brought to term. It is as if there are some embryonic children who are really children and others who are not.

Liberal British paper criticizes Government's marriage redefinition plan

Michael Kirke
"Mr Cameron is pushing gay marriage and picking a fight with the church for political reasons. It is indeed unnecessary", the paper's editorial declared in last week's edition and quoted a former British Labour minister, the openly homosexual Ben Bradshaw, as saying that the proposal is totally unnecessary.

Are Children the Enemy of Productivity?

Steven Mosher
The barren Left argues that children are a nuisance and a distraction. The truth is that men and women with children are more, not less, productive than their childless counterparts.

Most Americans go to church regularly

Hank Mattimore
That's almost unique among nations in the developed world. If you've traveled in Europe, you know how few people go to church at all. Does that make us somehow holier in God's eyes? Nah! I don't think so.