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September 26, 2021

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In Aging Japan, Under 75 Is The New ‘Pre-Old’
Parts of world’s oldest nation bump up classification for the elderly. The terminology suggested by both the Japan Gerontological Society and the Japan Geriatrics Society, which say the 65-to-74 range now should be called “pre-old age.”

Why Has Opposition To Euthanasia Crumbled?
Politicians aren’t listening to logical, evidence-based arguments.

Protecting Life From Natural Conception Until Natural Death
After almost 50 years of legalized abortion most people beyond the age of reason either know someone who has had or have been directly impacted by abortion. Studies show that 1 in 4 women will have an abortion by the age of 45 and 50% of all abortions are performed on someone who has already had one. Abortion does not discriminate by race, religion, or national origin or for that matter even the father of the child. Many are impacted by abortion decisions including parents, grandparents, siblings, extended families and even the ones who drove someone to the abortion facility.

Transgender Medicine Has Failed Us, Say Detransitioners
Keira Bell's setback in the UK courts does not mean that the controversy is settled

Most People Support Women-Only Sports. Why Won’t Corporate Media Admit It?
It’s been a banner year for male athletes making waves in women’s sports. Corporate media have shamelessly hailed these men edging out women as a great achievement in human rights, in contradiction to public opinion wherever it’s been fairly measured.

Dr. Paul Saba Physician And Author: "Abortion Bill Will Do More Harm Than Good For Women"
"Today’s abortion bill passed by the Democrat led Congress will do more harm than good for women. The US Senate must vote 'no' to stop the abortion bill." Abortion can cause both short and long-term harm to the mother. A law that promotes abortions tells women that their bodies and the lives of their children are less valuable.

Archbishop Cordileone: ‘Everyone Who Advocates For Abortion… Participates In A Great Moral Evil’
San Francisco’s Catholic Archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone, penned an op-ed in the Washington Post this past week in which he decried the Catholic response to Texas’ new heartbeat law, going so far as to suggest that prominent Catholics who publicly support the slaughter of the preborn should be threatened with excommunication.

Pelosi Defends Her Support For Legal Abortion: ‘God Has Given Us A Free Will’
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday responded to her archbishop, who had said an abortion bill she is working to pass is tantamount to “child sacrifice.”

Israel’s Struggles To Contain COVID-19 May Be A Warning For Other Nations
Widespread boosters don't dent case rate as schools, holidays foster spread

Abortion Is Legal In Spain But Most Doctors Refuse To Kill Babies
When Mexico passed its law decriminalizing abortion, it took the country by surprise. What also caught the secular press by surprise is that other nation that as had legalized abortions were having difficult finding doctors willing to perform them.

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War Against Children: Adoption Laundering – "stealing a child" (Part 6)

As you know, there is a very real war going on in the world right now. It’s a war against the life of a child. In this segment, I will talk about “Child Laundering” The Bible tells us that each and every human being is made in the image of God, and the enemy would like nothing better than to attack that image by destroying each and every person he can, beginning with the preborn. It’s up to us to fight on behalf of these innocent children. It’s not easy, but God is on our side. The legal definition of “Child Laundering” refers to an act of stealing and selling a child to adopting parents under false pretenses. Then, through false paperwork, the child is “laundered” into a legal “orphan” and then sold on a commercialized and corrupt market. “Child Laundering” is a dirty business, a dirty war against children. It is motivated by evil men solely for the purpose of making money by exploiting the poorest and the weakest. To counteract this, we need to be strong and provide a loving environment for our children. We need to be actively involved in society. Children are the most precious treasure that we have. They guarantee our future. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Searching for the Why: Introducing the Hippocratic Forum

Benjamin Frush
What is lacking in modern medical training is a community of fellow trainees collectively committed to a rich, morally robust view of medicine and the physician's place in it. This is what the Hippocratic Forum seeks to provide.

New! Abortion Is Domestic Violence

Judie Brown
After nearly 50 years of killing our flesh and blood through abortion and maiming their mothers in the home or on the surgical table, is it any wonder that doctors have become killers, many men have disrespected women, and too many mothers are paying someone to end the lives of their babies? Yes, abortion is domestic violence, and the antidote is love.

New! Losing Our Fertility

Elizabeth Regnerus
The great paradox of late-stage feminism is that it attempts to establish women on equal footing with men by robbing them of their life-giving nature. It's time to reject this damaging and dangerous lie. Fertility is not a limitation. It is a gift.

New! Forgotten freedoms fade fast

Kurt Mahlburg
From social media censorship to mandatory medical treatments, it seems that Westerners have lost sight of the unique freedoms that once made our nations the envy of the world.

New! In Vitro Fertilization: Unnatural Selection

Brian Clowes
The child is not an object to which one has a right, nor can he be considered as an object of ownership: rather, a child is a gift, "the supreme gift" and the most gratuitous gift of marriage and is a living testimony of the mutual giving of his parents. For this reason, the child has the right to be the fruit of the specific act of the conjugal love of his parents; and he also has the right to be respected as a person from the moment of his conception.

The naming of parts - for five-year-olds

Carolyn Moynihan
New Zealand parents with children starting school may have to decide whether they want their five- and six-year-olds to learn, in class, not only the proper names of sexual organs but how they function.

Why do we have to go to Mass on Sundays?

Douglas P. McManaman
"Why do we have to go to Mass?" is one of the most frequently asked questions that students address to their religion teachers, and recently I received an email from a former student asking for an article that he could share with his friends that answers that very question."

The Blessings of Children

Having a baby is a wonderful thing. Children are great. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter who the mother or the father is, no matter how they were conceived, a child is a gift from God, and an occasion for celebration.

"Frankenstein" organs proposed for human enhancement

Xavier Symons
Much ink has been spilt in debates about human-animal hybrids. Many ethicists argue from a shared intuition of repugnance that we should not create chimeras. But what about creating hybrid organs to enhance the functioning of the human body? Do arguments about chimeras still apply?

Analysis of legal assisted suicide in Switzerland

Michael Cook
An extensive survey of assisted suicide in Switzerland between 2003 and 2008 has found that the most vulnerable people are women, people who live alone or people who are divorced. People who ask for assisted suicide tend to be wealthier and better educated.

Sample Homily for NFP

James Conley
Natural Family Planning is a method which fully respects the beauty of human sexuality according to the design of God. It is actually a way of life. It is a method which is shared fully by both husband and wife. It respects the personhood of the spouses and the dignity of the marital act.

Abortion, Stem Cells, and Cloning

Rebecca Taylor
On January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in Roe vs. Wade, that the laws outlawing abortion in Texas were unconstitutional because a woman had a right to privacy, guaranteed by the Constitution. Suddenly, the unborn had no legal protection in the United States. But Roe vs. Wade did not just deny legal protection to the unborn; it catapulted the United States toward the reality of human cloning. Gregory Pence, a pro-cloning bioethicist, could not be more correct when he writes, "To say that embryos are not persons and cannot be studied and killed in research is contradictory. Perhaps this shows once again that the cloning debate is really about abortion."

The "Secret of Life"

Nancy Valko
The important thing to remember is that God is always on our side and that it is not so much what happens to us but rather how we deal with our experiences that can make the difference between being a survivor who thrives or just being a victim.

The Pill: Demanding Honesty Leads to Justice

Judie Brown
First among the "ten reasons" is the indisputable fact that women who are on the pill have a far greater risk of having breast cancer. This is a clinically proven fact that has been frequently denied by those in the feminist movement and the medical community - including the government-controlled National Cancer Institute.

A Mysterious Life
Solemnity of the Most Blessed Trinity

Antonio P. Pueyo
There is another approach to understanding the mystery, that is beyond the seeking for rational explanations. It is the way of “entering the mystery” or “living the mystery”. One may not understand it fully, but one engages himself in the consequences of believing the mystery. God is a mystery, but when I believe, then I live in a manner wherein God makes a difference in my life.