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August 8, 2022

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Catholic Priest Gets Three Months in Jail for Going Inside Abortion Clinic to Save Babies
For trying to save unborn babies inside a New York abortion facility, a Catholic priest will spend three months in jail.

CDC Leaders Continue to Mislead About Monkeypox
As monkeypox--a disease that the CDC refuses to identify as a sexually transmitted disease, even though it is spread almost exclusively by men who have sex with men--continues to rage through the gay community, the complaints about "government inaction" have already begun.

Gender Clinics Face Scrutiny of Science at Last
Writing on this topic, I've often encountered facts so dangerous and beliefs so bizarre, so beyond science or reason, it's been hard to convey their existence. Listen, you say, British doctors are prescribing a drug used to chemically castrate rapists to halt puberty in children as young as 11. The drug isn't even approved for child gender dysphoria. It reduces growth and bone density, sterilises and kills future libido. And, get this, we don't know what it does to teenagers' developing brains, or even if it works and they become happy, fulfilled trans adults. Because there's no data, no long-term research.

Court Rules Hospital Can Shut Off 12-Year-Old Boy's Life Support Despite His Mother' Objections
A British hospital plans to remove the life support from a 12-year-old boy Wednesday against his parents' wishes after the country's Supreme Court rejected his family's case.

Humanity's just one misunderstanding away from 'nuclear annihilation' warns UN chief
As geopolitical tensions reach new highs, and some governments are spending billions on nuclear weapons in a false bid for peace and security, countries must uphold the nearly 80-year norm against their use, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in New York on Monday.

Medical Care For The Teeniest Patients Keeps Getting Better Despite The Left's Abortion Obsession
Witness the steady advance of medical miracles on behalf of the unborn!

Pope underscores need for a world free of nuclear weapons
Pope Francis tweeted on Monday about the need for real dialogue for authentic world peace and stability to overcome a nuclear "balance of terror," stressing that the use and possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.

Monkeypox Outbreak Ravaging Homosexual Population - CA Senator Compares to Early Days of AIDS
Monkeypox began to spread in Europe in the spring at events involving the gay community. It has been spreading in America throughout the summer, most notably within the LGBTQ community.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh puts his money where his mouth is in the abortion debate, offers to adopt unwanted babies: 'Let the unborn be born'
University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh put his money where his mouth is in the debate over abortion. Harbaugh recently delivered an impassioned defense of the unborn, and offered to adopt any child that was unwanted by his players and staff members.

Congress should not legalize marijuana
The movement to legalize marijuana has enjoyed an unbroken string of victories on the state level over the last decade. But as Congress considers nationwide legalization , proponents of legal cannabis are making the same empty promises they made to the residents of every state that took their advice.

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The Voice of Women in Defense of Unborn Babies and in Opposition to Abortion-tainted Vaccines

Abortion is the modern-day Massacre of the Innocents. We, as women, wish our feminine cry to be heard round the world. This declaration comes from the depth of our maternal hearts, which are devoted to defending the cause of life and combatting the culture of death. We therefore wholeheartedly affirm: "We will not be complicit in the modern-day Massacre of the Holy Innocents and we therefore refuse to accept any and all vaccines made using cells derived from aborted human fetuses." Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! The Meaning of Medicine
Dr. Kristin Collier's Speech at the University of Michigan Medical School

Kristin Collier
The suffering you'll see as a physician can either harden you and make you into a burned-out machine, or you can allow the vocation to soften you. It can help you cultivate compassion, love, justice, and mercy. Let medicine do the latter of the two for you.

New! Happy Birthday Humanae Vitae!

Steven Mosher
The family was designed by God to reflect the mystery, unity, diversity, and perfection of the Trinity. Those who hate the designer will hate the design - including the design written on their own hearts. The reluctance of many religious leaders to defend the truths contained in HV boggles the mind, given the massive evidence that they are true. In fact, in view of that evidence, we can safely call Pope Paul's encyclical profoundly prophetic.

New! Your Partner Wants You to Abort? You Have Other Options

Shenan J. Boquet
With the reversal of Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood, we have been hearing the phrase "my body, my choice" much more loudly and much more frequently. I agree that a woman should have autonomy over her body. But, you see, when she's pregnant with a baby - no matter which stage that baby is in - it is no longer just her body.

New! Will the Fog of War Smuggle Same-Sex Marriage into Ukraine?

Mark Regnerus
In light of both Ukraine's cultural stance on LGBTQ issues and the data showing drawbacks of same sex parenting, a presidential fiat legalizing same-sex marriage would be an affront to the nation. Furthermore, any capitalizing on Ukraine's current dependence on the US and EU governments by encouraging its ideological colonization in the utter absence of popular support would be not virtuous but vicious.

New! Revisiting the Impossibility of Informed Consent for Transgender Interventions

Jane Robbins
The ideology glorified by "Pride" month has overtaken much of the medical profession. Burgeoning numbers of trans-identifying individuals demand euphemistically labeled "gender affirming treatment," or GAT (puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, surgeries), and clinicians in the thriving trans industry are often happy to provide it.

Academics spar over non-embryonic stem cell research

Xavier Symons
A controversy in the stem-cell research community this week spilled over into mainstream media. A number of leading researchers gave interviews or wrote articles about the disputed potential of Very Small Embryonic Stem Cells (VSELs).

Christmas to Christmas

Ron Panzer
We cannot erase every problem, disease, pain or crime. But we can do our part. We can do something. It takes will. It takes effort. And it is never easy. Whatever we do ... however we choose to serve, it will always be fulfilling. And we will have the peace that comes with knowing we chose what is right.

Rising to Battle

Douglas McManaman
Synopsis: The Lord calls us to battle, waits for our response, then joins us in the fight. That is why we have to enter the fray, not recklessly and without forethought, but steadily, faithfully and tactfully carrying out our duties - which will at times be very difficult and possibly even terrifying -, but trusting all the while that we cannot lose, since God fights on our side.

Planned Parenthood: The Biggest Pig at the Trough

Judie Brown
If Planned Parenthood - a tax-exempt organization bankrolled to a staggering extent by the government - won't hand over its internal audits or let the public know the details of its operations, our government should stop handing over the taxpayers' hard-earned dollars to the organization.

Another day, another Army sex scandal

Michael Cook
When is the Australian Army going to learn about the birds and the bees?

Stay with Us, Lord

Antonio P. Pueyo
When we are hesitant to invite the Lord in, it is usually because we look at our own shortcomings, or lack of preparedness. We focus on ourselves. Let us rather focus on the Lord. What he wants to hear is. "Stay with us." Once we utter those words, miracles come into our life in ways we do not foresee; the water is turned into wine, the sinner is forgiven, the sick is healed, the dead is raised to life, and our eye s are opened.

She Could Have Died, Roman

Judith Reisman
I've written often about pedophile Polanski, but since he was arrested in Zurich as a fugitive fleeing the U.S. for child rape, here's a quick review.

Seeking Consensus: The Incoherence of a Singular Islam

David A. Rahimi
Debates about whether Islam is inherently violent obscure more than they clarify because they misconceive the nature of religious authority in Islam. A lack of central authority lies at the heart of the difficulties facing Muslim reformers and explains why it is so difficult to disentangle violence from Islam.

Sri Lanka: Brutal Murder of little Seya and the relevance of the OHCHR Investigation Report

Asia Human Rights
The abduction, rape, and murder of Seya Sadewmi of Kotadeniyawa on 12 September 2015 has led many Sri Lankans to react across the country, and provoked many demonstrations by women's organisations and also by children.

French Senate rejects euthanasia

Michael Cook
After a passionate debate the French Senate has scuppered a bill allowing physician-assisted suicide. The margin was convincing - 170 to 142.