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July 6, 2022

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Famine and starvation to come from Putin's war
The savage war of Vladimir Putin against the peaceful people of Ukraine is the work of a man with ambitions bent on trying to secure his place in Russian history as the leader that restored the false "glory" of the Russian Soviet Union that disintegrated in 1989. There was no "glory" there but oppression, occupation of half of Europe, and a Cold War that threatened nuclear annihilation of the world.

'I Miss My Child Every Day': Women Speak of Post-Abortion Trauma as Nation Shifts From 'Law of the Land' Mentalit
The voices of those wanting to tell of the devastation of abortion have been largely squelched, but here are some bravely talking of the pain still felt today.

Ob-Gyn: No, The Dobbs Decision Does Not Put Women's Lives In Danger
Presenting abortion as the 'life-saving solution' for women facing challenging pregnancies is a warped view of health care.

How Porn Can Fuel Sex Trafficking
Sex trafficking shares a variety of symbiotic connections to pornography. Even in the production of mainstream porn, sex trafficking can still occur - and it happens more often than most people think.

Pope Francis: 'I believe it is time to rethink the concept of a just war'
"I have said that the use and possession of nuclear weapons are immoral. Resolving conflicts through war is saying no to verbal reasoning, to being constructive. ... War is essentially a lack of dialogue."

$30K a year, and my kid can't tell the difference between a boy and a girl
For our family, one of the toughest decisions was where to send our kids to school. So, with some scholarships, sacrifices, and family assistance, we made the choice to send our kids to a fancy private school. The benefits have been great: warm, caring, patient teachers; outstanding academics; beautiful buildings; even a pretty good lunch. But there's been a hidden cost, beyond the incredibly painful tuition bills: my kids can't tell the difference between a boy and a girl.

'Life Without Father': less college, less work, and more prison
"American fathers are today more removed from family life than ever before in our history," wrote sociologist David Popenoe in his path-breaking book, Life Without Father. "And according to a growing body of evidence, this massive erosion of fatherhood contributes mightily to many of the major social problems of our time."

'What is truth?': Catholic responses to pro-choice objections
"What is truth?" (Jn 18:28). Pilate speaks for many today, even as Truth itself stood before him. We as Catholics have accepted a basic definition of truth: the conformity of the mind to reality. We know the truth if we understand the nature of things, making proper judgments about what is and is not correct about the world and ourselves. Getting things right can even be a matter of life and death.

Justice Clarence Thomas Confirms Some COVID Vaccines "Developed Using Cell Lines From Aborted Children"
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas confirmed today that some COVID vaccines were developed with cells from "aborted children."

California abortion amendment deserves 'vigorous opposition', bishops say
California voters will have the opportunity to approve or reject a strongly pro-abortion amendment to the state constitution in November. The state's Catholic bishops said the proposal gives a "boundless scope" to ending the lives of the unborn when human lives should instead be protected "at every age in every stage."

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War Against Children: 'Children-friendly' Gay Drag Shows - "unbelievable" (Part 11)

A recent scandal hit the news recently highlighting an unbelievable attack on our children by the gay community. The article "'Child-friendly' Drag Show at Dallas Gay Bar Prompts State Lawmaker to Act" surfaced, following a gay drag show for children. Recently, there has been a growing antagonism within the LGBT community. Among other things, not only normalizing gender transitioning for minors but also demanding "correct" pronoun usage have increased. Drag queen events geared toward children have increased. Both "drag queen story hour" and "family-friendly drag shows" are meant to inspire acceptance and diversity as being a natural thing. Is introducing sexually exaggerated female adult characters played by adult men in adult bars appropriate for non-adult children. Absolutely not. This position is not something controversial. Science states 100% that a man and a woman are biologically different. Children know this. God knows this and created them as such. A gay person cannot change his or her sex. Regardless of what the world and mass media teach, this is an impossibility. PERIOD. View the two videos. Sickening. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! There's a missing voice in Roe v. Wade debate: abortion survivors

Helen Watt
Why are their voices suppressed in the media's narrative?

New! 1. Abortion Contributes to Mental Health Problems: Both Sides Agree According to a Comprehensive Medical Review

David C. Reardon
Abortion Contributes to Mental Health Problems: Both Sides Agree According to a Comprehensive Medical Review / Each Abortion Increases Woman's Risk of Premature Death by 50%, New Study Reports / Most Studies Show Abortion Linked To Increased Mental Health Problems.....

New! Abortion Linked to More Deaths than Coffee

David C. Reardon
Instead of reporting on the verifiable scientific facts surrounding abortion, major media outlets are committed to killing coverage of any studies that contradict either of the two most essential pro-abortion myths: (1) abortion has no risks, and (2) women only have abortions when it improves their lives.

New! Sc. documentation, abortion kills living human beings/persons

Dianne N. Irving
Since Roe was recently overturned by the Supreme Court I have received a flood of questions re abortion and requests for the accurate facts of human embryology that people can use to refute pro-abortionists. Best I can do is provide the following list of my resources copied at the end. Hope it is helpful.

New! Case Study of Contemporary Abortion Fiction:
Applying Right-to-Life Literary Theory to Lisabeth Posthuma's Baby & Solo

Jeff J. Koloze
This study examines Lisabeth Posthuma's Baby & Solo, a contemporary abortion novel (2021) geared for the young adult audience. After applying principles of some of the major literary theories used to explicate literature, the five questions of right-to-life literary theory are used to evaluate the life-affirming content of the work.

In the year 2100...

Marcus Roberts
Having stated last week that there is no population explosion problem, it might be useful to look at the various predictions that are being made about the world's population.

What's in a (Transgender) Pronoun?

Eric Metaxas
If a transgender person asks you to use a pronoun or name in line with his or her preferred gender, what do you do? It's no longer a hypothetical question.

Tackling the 'taboo': Catholicism and divorce

Matt C. Abbott
Divorce is a grave offense against the natural law. It claims to break the contract, to which the spouses freely consented, to live with each other till death. Divorce does injury to the covenant of salvation, of which sacramental marriage is the sign.

The Systemic Lies of Sex Indoctrination Programs

Steven Mosher
The curriculum promotes homosexual activity as normal and healthy while neglecting to mention its deadly nature, encapsulated in this astonishing fact: Up to 65% of sexually active homosexual men are dead or HIV-positive by the time they are 30.

Indonesia: Papua faces health emergency

Asia Human Rights
Concern about the health crisis facing Asmat regency in Papua, Indonesia. So far, 68 children have died from measles and serious malnutrition in Asmat.

British media personality sparks debate with IVF horror story

Xavier Symons
Prominent British writer and producer Samantha Brick has spoken of her devastating experience with IVF in a recent column in the Daily Mail. The article sparked hundreds of comments - some very supportive, most extremely critical.

Chinese policy on organ transplants is just smoke and mirrors, say critics

Michael Cook
The issue of harvesting organs from political prisoners in China to supply the country's more than 160 transplant centres is not just controversial, but explosive.

Assisted suicide is too dangerous in times of economic crisis, says disabled UK peer

Michael Cook
Moves to legalise assisted suicide in Britain are a threat to the disabled during a time of economic hardship, says Baroness Campbell of Surbiton, a disabled peer.

Breast Cancer (Introduction)
Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill

Chris Kahlenborn
Intensively researched, full of clear explanations and convincing detail, this book cuts to the heart of the current breast cancer epidemic and gives clear, workable strategies for reducing women's cancer risk. The author strongly challenges physicians, medical organizations, the research establishment, and government agencies to live up to their responsiblities for protecting women's health in this area. The material presented here gives a clear opportunity to begin and promote a culture of health for women, using natural means to manage fertility, and to develop a healthier environment for them and their families.

Cloning, involving use and destruction of human embryos, is morally unacceptable

Official Documents
Pope John Paul II addressed the 18th International Congress of the Transplantation Society, held at the Congress Hall in Rome's EUR district. After lauding the practice of organ donation, when performed in an ethically acceptable manner, the Pope addressed several critical issues, including the need for informed consent, the obligation to be morally certain of the donor's death when vital organs are to be removed, the allocation of donated organs and the use of xenotransplants.