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April 13, 2021

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The Vatican Remains Silent On The Persecution Of Chinese Christians
Last November, Pope Francis, for the first time, called China’s Muslim Uighurs a “persecuted” people, something human rights activists have been urging him to do for years.

Hong Kong Calvary 2021
It is nothing short of scandalous that Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, and other brave men and women are facing such persecution without any public support from the Vatican.

Catholic Teaching On Communion Applies To Politicians Who Support Abortion, Too, Bishop Olmsted Says
Catholic teaching sees the Eucharist as Christ’s transformative sacrifice on the cross and this Holy Communion must only be received worthily. This teaching is not partisan, but it certainly applies to political leaders who back abortion and euthanasia, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has said in an apostolic exhortation on the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Judge With Planned Parenthood Connections Blocks Release Of More Pro-life Investigative Footage
California District Court Judge William Orrick, an Obama appointee, has permanently blocked the release of undercover footage recorded by the Center for Medical Progress’s (CMP) pro-life investigators at National Abortion Federation (NAF) meetings where exhibitor recording was “explicitly permitted,” according to CMP investigator David Daleiden.

Keira Bell Deserved Better Than Puberty Blockers
One young woman’s plea to end child abuse — the medical experimentation on and mutilation of confused minors

Democrats Are Using Misleading Claims About Abortion To Scrap The Hyde Amendment
Before her retirement last year, former congresswoman and House Appropriations Committee chair Nita Lowey (D., N.Y.) said it was her “fervent wish” that Congress remove “once and for all” the Hyde amendment. Hyde and similar riders, which for decades enjoyed bipartisan support, have prevented taxpayer funding of abortion-on-demand. Hyde, Lowey said, “deserves to be in the dustbin of history.”

School Districts Are Hiding Information About Gender-Transitioning Children From Their Parents. This Is Unconstitutional.
American law has long recognized the importance of parental rights. A parent’s right to oversee the care, education, and control of his or her child is guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, and was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1923, in Meyer v. Nebraska, and as recently as 2000, in Troxel v. Granville.

Judge Permanently Bans David Daleiden From Releasing More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood
As expected, a federal judge who has ties to Planned Parenthood permanently blocked undercover journalist David Daleiden this week from releasing additional videos that Daleiden says show evidence of infanticide in the abortion industry.

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Children vs Hard Pornography

Pornography on the Internet has exploded into millions of pornographic websites. Currently, it is a booming industry of nearly 100 billion dollars. Internet Pornography invades homes and destroys good families without any accountability to anyone. Early this afternoon, I count 36 phonographic emails in my computer's mailbox and there are still 10 hours left in the day. This, my friends, is a daily occurrence. Just one click on any of these emails will allow me unrestricted private access to their pornographic website. This simple procedure is also available to the fingertips of small children. The porn companies "without any moral principles" have opened the doors to Net porn, instantly allowing our innocent young generation of all ages to view both soft and hard pornography. Their sole purpose is the almighty dollar. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Online pornography is 'the world's biggest department of education'

Melinda Tankard Reist
An Australian activist discusses forces behind the wave of recent sexual abuse allegations. Quote: Given it is the biggest sex educator in the world, given its predatory nature and ease of access to children and young people and given the global research, there is no doubt it is fuelling abuse by eroticising that abuse. It normalises sexual violence.

New! Christianity, Immigration, and the Religion of Humanity

Pierre Manent
The humanitarian proposal is hard to refuse, because it postulates that we can achieve justice if everyone simply becomes aware of their essential human likeness. The Christian proposal is hard to accept, because it affirms that all human beings are prisoners of an injustice from which they cannot escape by their own efforts.

New! The Good Life

Luis Tellez
To live a good life, our intellect, will, and passions must be aligned with one another and with the nature of God. We must know what good we pursue, how we pursue that good, and what - or Whom - we love.

New! Would St. Benedict Zoom? The Rule of St. Benedict as an Antidote to Technopoly

Peter Ramey
Even though few of us are called to monastic life, Benedict's Rule provides us with a guide for a more fulfilling, contented life that mitigates the acedia of an anxious age in the thrall of technology.

New! The Limit of Politics

John F. Doherty
Without a revelation from God to confirm that man's end transcends this world, politics will dominate our life and make hell on earth. But in its proper place, politics can do great good. As Fr. James Schall reminds us, the "abiding problem" of the "political enterprise" is to grasp this "limit of politics."

Pro-Life Setback The Supremes strike down women's safety

John Stonestreet
Supreme Court ruling on Texas's abortion law was a setback for the pro-life cause. But not as big of a setback as some would have you believe.

"The Last Man in Russia"

Francis Phillips
Russia is dying. Its population is shrinking. Its people are drinking themselves to death. Why?

'Cancel culture' is a symptom of a deeper crisis in liberal societies

Xavier Symons
Rationality itself is under threat. The Black Lives Matter Movement has given new impetus to the "cancel culture" in the ascendency in Western liberal democracies.

Not Walt's Disney

Frank J. Moncher
The traditional family is under attack, most intensely for its views on human sexuality and its proper understanding and purposes: to join man and woman together in an exclusive and sacred bond which produces a unique union of love and the blessing of children. This notion, which was common sense for millennia and second-nature to our grandparents, is fading quickly from the cultural landscape

Pope Benedict Slams Population Control in Broad-Ranging Encyclical

Steven Mosher
As an organization that opposes abortion, population control, and environmental extremism, PRI applauds the Pope's forthright and lengthy condemnation of such aberrations in his new encyclical, Caritas in Veritae. Charity in truth, he teaches us, demands a "morally responsible openness to life," which "represents a rich social and economic resource." Or, as we say around here, human beings are the ultimate resource.

The two countries with the greatest commitment to democracy

Shannon Roberts
The world over, commitment to democractic values is worryingly weak.

Sex-Selective Abortion Comes to America

Steven Mosher
By now, nearly everyone knows that tens of millions of unborn baby girls around the world have been aborted solely because of their sex. Ultrasound technology makes it possible to separate the boys from the girls at 18 weeks or so, and widespread abortion makes it possible to eliminate the less desirable sex, which in most cultures means girls. Up to 200 million girls may have been killed in this way, mostly in Asian and Muslim countries.

The Exorbitant Price of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

What is a stem cell? Stem cells are primitive human cells that, when they divide, can form a variety of more specialized cells. For example, just one type of stem cell in our bone marrow works to replace all the different types of blood cells (white, red, etc.) when we need them.

The Absurd Results of Techno-Science

Judie Brown
As scientific advances are made, nearly on a daily basis, scientists seem to be forgetting about the humanity inherent in people. If they can pioneer some new form of science, or "create" a person in a lab, then they are more than willing to do so - no matter the cost. When people are treated as commodities, everyone suffers.

Nagasaki Archbishop Proclaims Gospel of Life

Anthony Zimmerman
Archbishop Francis Kaname Shimamoto of Nagasaki released a strong statement against abortion in a nationally circulated Newsletter on March 2nd. He thereby shattered a conventional taboo in Catholic Japan which frowns on using the "A" word in public. What one retreat master advised is quite typical in clerical circles here: "Priests should better not speak about abortion and contraception."