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June 10, 2023

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Protecting the Weak from the Strong
Unbelievably, teachers, counselors, school administrators, and medical personnel are advising children - with or without the approval of parents - to seek gender-altering drugs and surgeries. Today, the strong guide, and harm, the weak who are entrusted to their care.

Ukraine: Dam destruction 'monumental humanitarian, economic and ecological catastrophe': Guterres
Tens of thousands of civilians in Ukraine are in danger on the frontline, after the apparent destruction of a huge dam on Tuesday, which the UN chief described as a "monumental humanitarian, economic and environmental catastrophe" resulting directly from Russia's invasion of the country.

The Glory of the Christian Rainbow and the Satanism of Its Inversion
There is something not only publicly offensive but positively demonic about the way the rainbow and the month of June--traditionally dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus--have been violently appropriated by one of the most socially and morally destructive forces in the world, the LGBTQ+ movement.

'Gender-Affirming' Surgery Leaves People Lonelier and Depressed, Study by Transgender Surgery Department Chairman Finds
The head of a facility that carries out so-called "gender-affirming care" has published a study confirming that transgender surgeries do not improve mental health and make people feel lonelier than those who avoided surgical intervention altogether.

Despite growing use, abortion pill not 'safer than Tylenol' and carries serious risks, including trauma of flushing a baby down the toilet, pro-life experts say
More than 20 years ago, Toni McFadden took the abortion pill to end her pregnancy. She was a high school senior, the "good girl" in her family, and she did not want anyone to find out.

Ron DeSantis: "I Stand For a Culture of Life" and "Protection of Unborn Babies"
Campaigning in New Hampshire for the Republican nomination for president, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he stands for a "culture of life" and that would be the pro-life position he would take into the White House if elected president.

UCI Must Follow British Cycling's Lead and Change Transgender Policy Before World Championships
What garnered less coverage, but was very insightful, were the post-race comments made by the organiser of the race, Michael Engleman, a long-time supporter and promoter of women's sport. He was critical of the UCI's position on transgender participation that had tied his hands. When individuals such as him are contemplating the effect of the UCI policy, saying that 'this may kill the sport' and are considering leaving cycling, that threat is real.

Is Life Worth Living?
Is life worth living? What other purpose does life have but to live it?" Poet Ricard Wilbur, one of the foremost American poets of the 20th century, states, "There is nothing to do with a day except to live it." The day will bring unexpected difficulties and undeserved blessings, but when we live with courage and openness, we will find that life is, indeed, worth living.

Sexualizing Children in the Schools
June is Pride Month. Regrettably, there are some LGBT activists, and sympathizers, who are using the schools to promote a sick agenda. This needs to end.

Abortions Up 20% in Scotland as Abortion Pill Kills More Babies
Official Public Health Scotland statistics yesterday revealed that the abortion rate in Scotland rose by 19%, nearly a fifth, between 2021 and 2022. While the abortion rate in 2013 was 11.5 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44 years, as of last year, that rate has risen to 16.1.

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War Against Children: World's First "Synthetic Embryo" - 'homo sapiens' next? (Part 12)

When we look at the state of the world today, it is easy to get discouraged and depressed. In all areas of our life as a society - whether it is the economy, the corona pandemic, world politics or the war on children - things are not good and in general appear to be getting worse, like the senseless attacks in Ukraine by Putin and his gestapo army. I think that most people will admit that our world is more divided now than ever before. The real value and dignity of human life has been placed on the slippery slope of destruction while science and technology introduce a false future of hope for mankind, not to mention big businesses raking in money from these so-called modern advances. Just recently, we learned that Israeli scientists have created the world's first "synthetic embryos". This time the attack by adults focuses on pre-born children at the very beginning of their lives, ie. "synthetic embryos" grown outside of the womb without the natural process of sperm, egg and fertilization. Now the slippery slope of science begins. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! The Moral Paralysis behind Teenage Depression

Nathaniel Peters
It's not just that many have been taught that the wrong things make them happy, and that their deliberation leads to choices that make them miserable - though that does happen in many cases. Far too often, they have not been given enough tools for moral thinking and acting at all.

New! No Children, No Families, No Future

Steven Mosher
President Novak lives her faith far beyond her personal space. She witnesses to her faith in her work both within Hungary borders and in the countries where persecuted Christians benefit from Hungary's aid programs, which are carefully crafted to avoid the blunders encountered by so many secular foreign aid programs. Hungary's constitution reflects Christian principles because Hungarians are a proudly Christian people.

New! The Gender Agenda

Judie Brown
I am compelled to ask where those words "gender dysphoria" and "non-binary" have been because at nearly 80 years of age, I had never heard either of them in reference to a human being until a few short months ago! Because they are now part of the public conversation, I did some digging, and here is what I found.

New! The Gift of Transplants

Emily M. DeArdo
My death will most likely come from a side effect of one of the medications I'm on to keep my body from rejecting my transplanted lungs. This makes some recipients resentful or angry, as seen in a recent New York Times op-ed by Amy Silverstein. She and I received the gift of a healthier and longer life when we received our transplants. The medications that she's decrying are the ones that have kept her - and me - alive. These years are an inexpressible gift.

New! Will North Korea save Koreans from demographic disaster?

William Huang
It's counter-intuitive, but North Korea has a much higher fertility rate.

Models and their constituent parts

Douglas McManaman
I believe one of the most important objectives for a young student of the Theory of Knowledge is to come to some understanding of where necessity applies and where it does not apply. Certitude is the result of seeing the necessity of a proposition (it cannot not be true); if necessity is outside our grasp, we experience uncertainty, a degree of probability (either high, low, or around 0.5). In other words, it is very important that we come to some appreciation of the scope of certainty and probability.

Good Shepherds
Fourth Sunday of Easter B

Frank Enderle
To be a good priest one must be well prepared, ready to defend the sheep. He will also have to protect himself from the many dangers that life will throw at him. And, most importantly, he will have to forget himself, looking out for the good of others.

Some Fundamental Principles of Catholic Theology

Douglas McManaman
Synopsis: St. Anselm, a great theologian and philosopher of the 11th century, coined the phrase "fides quaerens intellectum" (faith seeking understanding). This is precisely what theology is: faith seeking understanding. As such, faith is the starting point of theology, which works from the top down (from principles revealed by God and held by faith), while philosophy works from the bottom up (from first principles grasped by the natural light of reason). Thus, the theological virtue of faith is the sine qua non of theology. If a person does not believe in the claims of Christ, if a person does not believe the essential message of Christ's proclamation of the kingdom, then it is not possible to do theology, understand it or appreciate it.

Bakery owners face bankruptcy after a discrimination finding

Carolyn Moynihan
We often hear that same-sex marriage "won't hurt you" or your beliefs, but the signs are that it does, and willConscientious beliefs are increasingly under assault as laws change in more states, but even without altering marriage law in a particular state citizens can be under pressure from the new ideological environment.

Father in law? The strange case of the male mother

Ann Farmer
A person who gives birth cannot be registered as the child's father in the UK - yet

Indonesia: Lack of genuine policy and rights in Papua

Asia Human Rights
After monitoring 20 months of the human rights situation in Papua and West Papua provinces under President Joko Widodo's administration, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is dismayed at the utter lack of progress in the protection and realization of people's rights.

The Problem with Half-Truths and IVF

Judie Brown
Usually touted as a wonderful advance in the field of medicine, IVF's hidden atrocities and dangers are seldom discussed. IVF is seen as a "miraculous" way for people to have a child when creating this child without intervention has not happened. But IVF is much more than the creation of a child in a petri dish and its ramifications should leave you feeling somber and outraged.

Contemplatives in Action

Douglas McManaman
A contemplative life without action would soon dry up and become lifeless, but an active life without contemplation is without ultimate purpose and quickly becomes neurotic and fanatical.

Loving Our Neighbors, Telling the Truth about Identity and Gender

John Stonestreet
There is no "silver bullet" when it comes to navigating tough conversations or helping those struggling with gender dysphoria. At the same time, to avoid the topic is to not help people at all, which is simply not an option for followers of Christ.

"Universal bereavement, an inspiring achievement"

Michael Cook
Whether humanity is worth saving or what precautions we are prepared to take could be the biggest bioethics questions of all!