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June 15, 2021

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Left Demands That Big Business Boycott States That Don't Want Abortion
Marking the depravity of our times, a New York Times columnist recently urged the rich to subvert democracy in an effort to protect abortion on demand.

Marking the depravity of our times, a New York Times columnist recently urged the rich to subvert democracy in an effort to protect abortion on demand.

Canadian Father Jailed For Talking About Court-Ordered Transgendering Of His Teenage Daughter
Robert Hoogland’s arrest has garnered significant attention, nationally and internationally. Canada’s version of the Equality Act has put him in jail for saying what he thinks about transgendering children.

When The State Comes For Your Kids
Ahmed is a Pakistani immigrant, a faithful Muslim, and until recently, a financial consultant to Seattle’s high-tech sector. But when he reached me by phone in October 2020, he was just one more frightened father. Days earlier, he and his wife had checked their 16-year-old son into Seattle Children’s Hospital for credible threats of suicide. Now, Ahmed was worried that the white coats who had gently admitted his son to their care would refuse to return him.

Violence Against Elderly Has Risen During COVID, UN Expert Warns
With “entrenched ageist attitudes” already undermining the autonomy of elder persons in making their own choices and decisions, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus further violence, abuse and neglect against them.

Myanmar Church Urges 'humanitarian Corridor' To Conflict Zones
The United Nations warns that with thousands of displaced people cut off from food, water and medicine in Kayah state, mass deaths could result from starvation, disease and exposure.

The Fertility Industry Is Not Pro-life. It's A Profitable Eugenic Industry.
The fertility industry was born out of couples’ desire to have babies despite struggles with infertility. This billion-dollar industry profits from that pain and actually destroys more lives than are born through the common process known as IVF (in vitro fertilization). In addition, the fertility industry, though appearing to be “pro-life” on the surface, is disturbingly prone to eugenic, anti-life practices.

Stating The Obvious About Father Altman
The way Catholic bishops, commentators, and reporters are dealing with Altman demoralizes and scatters faithful Catholics. It tells each of us that when cynical Leftists open fire on us, our own allies with platforms (media) and positions (bishops) will look the other way. Or worse, pass them more ammo.

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The Importance of the prophetic encyclical "Humanae Vitae" in 1968 and today 2021

Dear Friends for Life: "Humanae Vitae", the prophetic encyclical written by Pope Paul VI in 1968, warned Catholics about the culture of contraception and the deadly impact it would have on society. "Humanae Vitae"ťexplains why the Catholic Church rejects contraception. Pope Paul VI warned of dire consequences if contraception became widely practiced. He cautioned that there would be greater infidelity in marriage, confusion regarding the nature of human sexuality and its role in society, using women for sexual pleasure, compulsory government birth control policies, and the reduction of the human body to an instrument of human manipulation. In 2021, these warnings are a living reality. Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Critical Race Theory: Plundering the Egyptians or Worshiping Ba'al?

Bruce Ashford
Critical Race Theory rightly calls us to recognize that the effects of sin can be magnified throughout the institutions and social structures erected by individuals, leading to social systems that embody unjust racial prejudices. However, by focusing on sin as embodied with or without intent in social systems, proponents of CRT lose sight of what makes sin so wrong in the first place: that individuals who bear a moral accountability before God break his moral law.

New! The Pro-Life Case against the COVID Vaccines Is Not Primarily about Abortion

Philip Reed
Even if abortion had nothing whatsoever to do with the development of COVID-19 vaccines, many pro-lifers would be just as vaccine-hesitant. Often, convincing our neighbor to take a vaccine requires rebutting objections that have nothing to do with abortion.

New! Rendering Treatment, Refusing Transformation (and Destruction): Preserving Medical Conscience Rights

Eric D. Patterson
It is wrong to force religious individuals who are highly skilled medical and mental health professionals to violate their core religious convictions by compelling them to support and participate in terminating life, or in elective therapies that seek fundamentally to alter the human person, whether to achieve transgender ends or transhumanist ones.

New! Biden, Abortion, and the Temptations of Status: Biblical Lessons from Another "Ordinary Joe"

Robert F. Cochran, Jr.
Joe Biden is a lifelong Catholic. He was raised in Catholic neighborhoods and was taught in Catholic schools. He may be the most actively religious president since Jimmy Carter - regularly attending Mass and publicly citing Christian principles to justify his policies. Yet his policies reject one of his Church's most important moral teachings - the right to life of unborn children.

New! Say hello to the newest enemy of Woke, Inc.

Kurt Mahlburg
Today, major corporations scramble over each other to sell us their woke credentials, in an apparent fading interest in the products they were originally known for. Now, it seems, these companies are more eager to advertise their opinions on voter laws, pronouns, green new deals and whatever else woke activists decide matters most this month.

Condoms, STD and International Case Studies Showing Condom Ineffectiveness Against HIV/AIDS

Brian Clowes
This document is a compendium and summary of the latest scientific information about the most widely-used contraceptive device in the world today -- the male condom. This summary draws from many sources, but focuses primarily on medical journals. It is intended to be a resource for those who need straightforward, simple and concise facts about condoms. Further pro-life sources of information on condoms, readily available on the Internet, are listed at the end of this document.

Love Is Inclusive
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Antonio P. Pueyo
There was a song that became a favorite among children and teenagers recently. Its opening line says, "In or out, am I in or out?" The song speaks of being in or out of someone's affectionst. Being in or out is not just a teen-ager's preoccupation. Even adults are preoccupied with belonging or not belonging.

And Now the News

Proclaim Sermons
Mark doesn't waste words in getting to the heart of his message. The Baptist's arrest reminds us of dangers as Jesus comes proclaiming God's kingdom. Because the reign of God comes near, people are called to change their thinking and become part of that movement. And Jesus calls four fishermen to be the first of many to be instruments of the reconciliation that he brings.

Changing the World One Baby at a Time

Judie Brown
The remedy for ending the toxic grip the death mongers have on the culture does not involve politics. It is our individual commitment to do the challenging thing - the work of embracing the truth that we can change the world by saving it, one baby at a time.

Is Sex Just Like Race?

Matthew J. Franck
Race and sex play qualitatively different roles in our interactions with each other, making sex rationally relevant to our social and political policies in a way that race is not.

You are the Blessed Community - if

Ron Panzer
People have been getting ready for Christmas for quite a while, many of us anticipating what will come in the days ahead, but as others have already pointed out, we so often get lost in the flurry of activities and forget what this day is all about.

Behold, the Lamb of God
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Douglas P. McManaman
Those who stop going to Mass because they don't like the priest are like followers of John the Baptist who didn't hear what he said, and who fell away after he was beheaded; those who attend Mass because they are drawn to the priest's personality are like brute animals that don't understand the significance of a pointing finger. And priests that fail to lead the faithful to the Lamb of God point to themselves and are unwilling to decrease.

South Dakota "Abortion Bill" Trades Off One Lethal Bill For Another

Irving News Comments
The South Dakota "Abortion Bill" erroneously scientifically defines "a human being" as beginning ONLY "at fertilization" -- despite claims to the contrary. If this Bill were to pass, it would turn this false science into LAW. It would essentially constitute a new "Roe" for all human lives reproduced asexually -- both in vivo and in vitro.

Calendar Rhythm Users Often Make Incorrect Calculations of the Fertile Period

Natural Family Planning
A multi-country focus group study was conducted recently to determine how couples actually use calendar methods, how they determine the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, what behaviors they use during the fertile phase, and whether they are satisfied with natural methods of birth regulation.

Chastity, The Art of Living Beautifully

Anthony Zimmerman
Our Christianity will yet prove its strength and durability where ever its adherents activate in themselves the energies of self-control in sexuality.