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November 28, 2022

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People on disability benefits are applying for euthanasia (MAiD) based on poverty.
This letter was sent to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition by Sean Lewis.

Can You Answer These Basic Questions About the Harmful Effects of Pornography?
Before you set out on a mission to change the conversation around porn, it's key you'll be able to answer some of these basic questions.

The Social Contagion of Transgenderism Is Harming the Most Vulnerable Children
This social contagion is spreading among vulnerable children and young adults through social media, and our liberal culture makers are promoting it with cheer and demanding anyone who objects be silenced. This is not compassion, and this will not help children suffering from gender dysphoria. It will only cause them more harm as they age and realize what was done to them, and that society did not protect them from permanently altering their lives for the worse.

Archbishop Cordileone: "The Most Urgent Crisis Today is the Attack on Life in the Womb"
Abortion -- "the attack on life in the womb" - is the most urgent crisis today, said Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone in an interview last week.

Demographic Winter: Male Fertility Plunges 62% Worldwide And Is Still Accelerating
I have explained the coming demographic winter for the last 15 years, mostly to deaf ears. World leaders continue to push population explosion theories in order to discourage reproduction. Thinking that there are too many people on the earth and that something must be done to curb them is? pure, unadulterated genocidal mentality. ⁃ TN Editor

Millions of lives under threat in Ukraine this winter - WHO
Half of Ukraine's energy infrastructure is either damaged or destroyed, and 10 million are currently without power, said Dr Hans Henri P Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe.

What happens when Jesus is no longer relevant in the Church?
The trajectory of this thought process then begins to seep into our religious education environment where Jesus is taught as a concept which bluntly means Jesus is whatever you want him to be. Now, we begin to develop false allusions to Jesus Christ apart from God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. And, at its worst manifestation, Jesus is not the path to eternal happiness; I am.

Top Catholic Bishop: Keep Fighting Abortion Because "Abortion Destroys Innocent Human Life"
Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the chair of the U.S. Catholic bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities is encouraging his fellow bishops to practice radical solidarity with pregnant women and the unborn -- and to remember, in the words of St. Teresa of Calcutta, that "we belong to one another."

37 Nations Sign Document Confirming There's No International Right to Abortion
Countries must protect the rights of both women and unborn children--so pledge the 36 government signatories of the Geneva Consensus Declaration, launched in November 2020.

My High School Punished Me for Saying a Male Shouldn't Be Allowed to Watch Me Undress
Shouldn't every girl be taught to speak out to protect herself from situations where she hasn't given consent - and be listened to by those in a position to help? If something feels off, trust your gut? Not at my high school. If you don't comply with the school's preferred gender identity policy, you're the bad guy. For expressing true, commonsense, biological facts - boys and girls are different and must respect each other's bodily privacy - I was punished.

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War Against Children: Body Parts - "Worst Nightmare For the Unborn" (Part 5)

Life is Beautiful. Life is precious and sacred. Good people believe in the sanctity of the human person with rights and dignity to be protected and preserved. Yet there are those who disagree. They declare open war against the unborn child, but there is no such thing as a "good" war. In the end, millions of children die and many are left crippled. Why then fight this war in the first place? The reason is that a "War Against the Unborn" is very profitable. Selling/Buying aborted body parts is a billion-dollar (multi-billion?) industry. Scott Carney in his new book, "The Red Market", figures that he is worth about $250,000 if his body was broken down and sold as individual parts on what he called the "red market." The world was even more shocked when it learned that the University of Pittsburgh was harvesting organs of unborn babies "while their hearts were still beating". Continue reading at Fr. Jerry's Blog...

Ethical Perspectives

New! Liberal Individualism Is Undermining Itself

Nathanael Blake
By making the false ideal of independence the basis of our political and social order, we end up denigrating actual, dependent human lives. But life begins in dependence and remains inseparable from unchosen obligations. We have responsibilities to others, for which we have not signed a contract.

New! Discovering America

Susan Hanssen
Conservatives must be patriots - it is not possible to be a conservative and say that there is nothing valuable or worth preserving from your own nation's cultural tradition. The desire to fight for the integrity of your own country has got to come from a visceral love for your country or else it will not seem worth any struggle against its corruption.

New! What Happened to "Live and Let Live"?

Hunter Baker
Liberalism cannot survive as a political philosophy capable of fostering human flourishing if it abandons its supposed virtues of protecting freedoms of religion, speech, and commerce. Yet, as we observe the march of the left on human sexuality, we see an incredible Javert-like intensity in hounding those who offend its sensibilities. We've forgotten that liberalism means winning incomplete victories and living with disagreement.

Transgender Fiction and the Right-to-Life Issues:
A Study of Recent Transgender Fiction on Abortion and Euthanasia Using Right-to-Life Literary Theory

Jeff J. Koloze
After reviewing some contemporary scholarship which attempts to connect transgenderism and the right-to-life issues, this study applies the five questions of right-to-life literary theory to recent fictional work concerned with transgenderism and abortion and euthanasia.

The Catholic Church Must Be Allowed to Serve the Victims of Gender Ideology

Salvatore Joseph Cordileone
It is precisely to express Christ's love that the Catholic Church has so many caring ministries: for the sick, for women in crisis pregnancies, for migrants, for the poor, and for others on the margins - including transgender-identifying people. Amid the debates over how to best care for those struggling with gender identity, the Department of Health and Human Services proposes so-called "nondiscrimination" rules that would prevent our ministries from helping people.

Genocide in China

John Stonestreet
As in the case of any other activity deemed a crime, laws against genocide will not enforce themselves. People, or in this case nations, have to be willing to use the label "genocide" when necessary, and also to take action. Tragically, since 1951, the international community is batting close to zero. Besides the genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda, there have been at least a dozen other campaigns of extermination that arguably met the Convention's definition of genocide. With the possible exception of the horrific events in former Yugoslavia, no one did anything.

Christ, Key to the Cosmos

Anthony Zimmerman
The logic of Divine Wisdom is thus deciphered succinctly: if a cosmos is to be, then Christ must be in it; and if Christ is to be, then the Church must be His Mystical Body. The logic invites another conclusion: if the Church defects, then the cosmos will become meaningless for God who will then withdraw His supporting hand and allow it to collapse. The logic motivates us to support the Church so that the cosmos will endure.

One child changes: No effect?

Marcus Roberts
A few weeks ago we mentioned the news that China was relaxing its despicably evil One Child Policy. Understandably perhaps, the only response to that post was scepticism that we should take anything that the Chinese Government says at face value.

Australian court rejects 'wrongful birth' claim

Xavier Symons
The concept of 'wrongful birth' has suffered another defeat, this time in Australia. A New South Wales couple has lost a case in which they sued an IVF specialist for failing to indicate their child's chance of a disability.

Transhumanists say no to death

Judie Brown
As a society, we are pushing God further and further away from us. We put our faith in science when we should be putting it in God. We are even allowing science to take the place of God. If we continue on this path, we must be aware that, when we intentionally force God out of our lives here on Earth, we may be condemning ourselves to eternal life without Him as well.

The Healing Power of Babies

Matthew Habiger
Babies are easy to satisfy. Just be present to them, love them, care for them and appreciate them for the irreplaceable gifts they are. Babies give more of themselves than they receive from us.

How to Have Happy Teen
Community and Real - not Virtual - Reality

Eric Metaxas
What do happy teenagers do? Perhaps the easiest way to answer that question is to ID what they don't do!

The Abortion Rights Crowd Unhinged

Judie Brown
We have watched with amazement as those who support abortion knock down intelligent discussion of questions regarding judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his opinions. If it looked like a circus to you, then you were watching what I was watching.

Is the internet another way to increase birthrates?

Marcus Roberts
Many countries in the world are looking at ways in which government policy can help increase their fertility rates.

Matrimony and the Paschal Mystery

Douglas McManaman
The Paschal Mystery reveals the true significance of the mystery of marriage. It is not that marriage is primarily something natural and only later is given an added and secondary sacramental significance. Rather, just as it is the final Adam who fully reveals "man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear" (GS, 22), so too does matrimony, as an aspect of the Paschal Mystery, disclose the ultimate meaning of marriage.