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Population Research Institute
Steven W. Mosher
Reproduced with permission

The whole world's population could fit in the state of Texas. Amazing as it may seem, the entire population of the world can be housed in the U.S. state of Texas, and very comfortably indeed, with each person enjoying a living far in excess of that now available to all but the most wealthy.

Consider these facts: The land area of Texas is some 262,000 square miles* and current UN estimates of the world's population (for 12 October 1999) are about 6 billion.** By converting square miles to square feet? remember to multiply by 5,280 feet per mile twice? and dividing by the world's population, one readily finds that there are more than 1,217 square feet per capita.

A family of 5 would thus occupy more than 6,085 square feet of living space. Even in Texas, that's a mansion.

These numbers apply to just one-story, ranch house-type dwellings. With a housing mix of multi-story buildings, including town houses, apartment buildings and high rises, appreciably greater living space could be provided. Such an arrangement would allow ample land for yards and all the necessary streets and roads.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world would be completely empty, available for all of mankind's agricultural, manufacturing, educational, and recreational activities!

*The World Almanac, 1999

**UNPD "World Population Prospects," 1998 UN Revision


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