Stuff I'm Sure About

Hank Mattimore
Reproduced with Permission

Benjamin Franklin once famously remarked "In this life nothing can be said to be certain but death and taxes."

Most of us, I suspect, will agree with old Ben. The times we live in are awash in uncertainties. We find ourselves in the eye of a technology revolution that is changing the world around us at dizzying speed. How do we stay grounded when everything around us is in flux?

The very institutions that used to provide stability to our lives, family, and church are in the throes of change. Added to our woes is an economy in crisis, high unemployment, yada,yada ,yada. Man! I can't stand it.

Ben Franklin's way of coping with change in his day was a wry sense of humor and a quote that has endeared him to us even to today. Yea, Ben, your are right. There are few things certain in life but, with due respect, there are more than two items on the short list, items that we can hold on to and provide a sense of equanimity to our frazzled hearts and minds.

Here's my top six, my sure things in life. And first on the list is


I am sure that there is no force more powerful in the world than the power of love. The love of a mom for her baby, a soldier for his country, the love of a saint for her God, the committed love of a spouse for her mate. Yes, I am sure that this kind of love, not only exists, but rules the world.


I am sure that every living thing is connected. What one person does affects every thing else. The butterfly effect, so called because the smallest of actions can cause major effects, is for me one of the certainties on which I base my life.


What we have is today. Nobody can take that from us. The past is a memory; the future a guess. But, by gosh, we do have today.


I am sure that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than a baby's smile or the innocent laughter of children.


I am sure that no person is so far gone that he can't be redeemed by our compassion and forgiveness.


Finally, I am certain that each one of us has a purpose, a role to play in life that we alone can play.

Those are my top six. May I suggest that you take it upon yourself to expand on old Ben's terrible twosome. Make your own list of stuff you can be certain about, things and values that make life worth celebrating. I guarantee that your list will beat the hell our of death and taxes.