A Child Sleeps

Hank Mattimore
Reproduced with Permission

Abby rested her head on her princess pillow. It was 7:30 and time to wake her for school but the magic of the moment made me pause. It's not often that a grandpa has an opportunity to see his little five year old sweetheart sleeping. I wasn't about to hurry along.

Hungerly, wistfully, I took in the scene.I took in the scene. Dressed in her pink floral pj's, her little bod sort of scrunched up against her blankie, my little toots looked the portrait of innocence. There was no way I was going to disturb her sleep, at least for a while.

So I stood there as the early morning sun glinted through her bedroom window. I was savoring the sight of a child at rest and wondering if there is anything in the world quite as precious. I felt honored to be present in this moment.

My mind jettisoned the clutter of the stuff that fills my head... the OBama-Clinton race, the downturn in our economy, the problems at our Children's Village, the stroke that recently happened to my sister-in-law, the dental appointment awaiting me tomorrow... all so much fluff that really mattered very little. No, this was life, Abby, my grand daughter lying there in her "big girl bed" before my eyes. Nothing mattered more than this.

God was in the room with us. I was in Church and little Abby was a sacrament.