Rainy Day in California

Hank Mattimore
January 15, 2018
Reproduced with Permission

Rainy days aren't all that bad. Sitting here alive and kind of cozy in the library. Old guy sitting across from me is nodding off, That's okay. Gramma sitting on the floor with her little three year old granddaughter reading "Oh the places to we go" to her. Cute young librarian showing a kid where to find a book. Some high piping children's voices drift over from the kids' section. But otherwise, it is peaceful here in the public library. Quiet. Civilized.

Could it be that things are not quite as bad as I heard on the evening news last night? Is it possible that most of the world is at peace? That, maybe there are other libraries in Calcutta even or Guatemala or Moscow or Kyoto where people are content and spending a quiet afternoon in their libraries.

Do you have to be a cockeyed optimist to see the world peopled mostly with good folks who love their kids and are eager to share with them some precious time in a library full of books?

We know only too well the the poverty and hunger and injustice that plagues our world. None of us is blind to the terrorists destroying our cities, killing our children. But as we pray and strive for a better world we need to see that much of this better world already exists, not complete, nowhere near perfect but here under our eyes.

Sometimes all it takes to ignite that take the blinders from your eyes is a rainy day at your public library.