Valentine's Day Story

Hank Mattimore
Feb 16, 2015
Reproduced with Permission

My late beloved wife, Kathleen, told me this true story of her Valentine's Day visit to her elderly parents many moons ago, I found it touching.

Valentines Day 1979. I dropped by mom and dad's house in the Mission District of San Francisco to do a quick check-in. I brought some flowers as a Valentine's gift. I rang the bell and there was no answer. This didn't worry me because both my parents were hard of hearing.

I had my own key so I let myself in. "Mom, Dad are you home?" There was no reply. Getting just a bit anxious now, I went to the foot of the stairs and called out loudly "Mom, Dad, are you home.?" No reply.

Putting the flowers in a vase and leaving them on the dining room table, I went up the stairs. This is unlike them to be in bed at this time of day, I thought to myself. It was only 2 PM in the afternoon.

Definitely worried now I hastened to their bedroom. The door was slightly ajar and I thought I heard the radio playing. Heart pounding I pushed the door open and to this day I will never forget the scene that met my eyes.

There on the bed. cuddled together like two young lovers, were my parents. Mom , I recall, "was looking lovingly into the eyes of her husband of 50 plus years and singing softly to him Let me call you sweetheart I'm in love with you.:"

Neither parent noticed their daughter at the door. They were totally absorbed in one another.. I quietly shut the door and left the two lovebirds alone. They obviously didn't need their "kid" around to spoil their time together.

"I went downstairs and left a little note with the flowers. "Here's a token gift for you both from all of us. I hope you know that the greatest gift you gave us kids is the love you have always had for one another."