"Cloning and the First Fool -- Demand Proof"

Dianne Irving’s Comments
Reproduced with Permission

"But this is a diversionary political tactic. Hatch / Feinstein's true purpose is to prevent passage of a total federal ban on cloning by human somatic nuclear cell transfer (SCNT), the Brownback / Landrieu bill. The Hatch forces hope to divert enough votes so the Brownback bill cannot muster the 60 votes necessary to break a Senate filibuster."

Wesley Smith, "Cloning and the First State", Weekly Standard, Jan. 16, 2004

Note: You can't fool all of the people all of the time.

It is terribly tempting -- but ultimately foolish -- to try to caste a false distinction in these human cloning debates between (1) human cloning "bans" that claim to be "total bans" but which really aren't as the "good cops", and (2) human cloning "bans" that are at least honest about being only "partial bans" as the "bad cops". Supposedly these "total bans" will ban all human cloning research, save the country from disaster, and solve all the problems caused by those other devious "partial bans". Not!

Unfortunately, proponents of "total bans" can give absolutely ZERO scientific proof to support their false claims that these are "total bans" -- other than the beliefs of "their scientists" -- none of whom are human embryologists, have ever even taken a single course in human embryology, or can PROVE what they scientifically claim if you press them hard enough.

In these human cloning debates we are talking about the willful production and destruction of millions of innocent human lives, and a legal precedent set that can conceptually be transferred to millions of adult human lives in due time. This template has already been attempted to be used for many international legislations as well. Indeed, the stakes are high. Yet there is still no human cloning bill that is a "total ban" on human cloning.

For your own accurate information, I am attaching to this e-mail a copy of my recent article, "Playing God by manipulating man: Facts and Frauds of human cloning", with extensive irrefutable scientific PROOF from dozens of professional human embryologists from around the world whose textbooks are in strict concert with the international nomenclature in human embryology. It goes into excruciating detail about how supposed "total bans" end up banning nothing. It can also be accessed at the following URL's:

  1. http://www.mocatholic.org/uploads/IrvingCloning3.pdf
  2. http://www.lifeissues.net/writers/irv/irv_22manipulatingman1.html
  3. http://www.uffl.org/irving/irvplayinggo.pdf
  4. http://www.uffl.org/irving/irvplayinggoappen.pdf

Let those who would disagree PROVE TO YOU that these scientific facts are wrong. They can't. Their erroneous "scientific" statements are required to be simply taken on "faith" alone, or just for "unity's sake". As "responsible" scholars they should be able to prove to you, the voter, that they are telling you the truth. Where is their PROOF? Let the concrete objective scientific facts in the attached article, all in concert with the international nomenclature in human embryology -- facts that anyone can go to the library and look up -- speak for themselves. Then with an informed conscience, you decide. No fooling. --Dr. Dianne Irving, Ph.D.