Need to REFUTE and REMOVE Fake Islamic 'Human Embryology' Teachings

Dianne N. Irving
copyright May 9, 2019
Reproduced with Permission

I. Introduction:

While perusing the NIH website recently searching for some scientific news, I came across this article still posted as scientific fact on the US National Library of Medicine, NIH, website, at: "Human Embryology and the Holy Quran: An Overview", International Journal of Health Sciences (2009). I've also noticed similar pro-Islamic human embryology articles creeping up lately on various other media resources, and am amazed that such fake "scientific" fraud -- F-R-A-U-D -- continues to be made available and presented as genuine science. My general refutation of such fake Islamic "science" is presented below, but clearly such fake "science" should at least be removed from the NIH and any other governmental department websites, as well as all academic websites.

Unfortunately this fake Islamic "human embryology" is surely being taught in all the Islamic schools, mosques, here, across Europe, and throughout all the Islamic countries across the Middle East, etc. As noted in my general responses below, this fake "science" "justifies" all sorts of highly unethical and often illegal activities ..... Just do the logic: IF there is no human BEING present until the beginning of the fetal period (9 weeks post-fertilization), and even no human PERSON there throughout the fetal period until birth -- unless God sends the Archangel Gabriel to infuse the RATIONAL SOUL (which we can't know!) --, THEN the following is "scientifically" "justified": abortion through 8 weeks post-fertilization, and probably until birth; the use of abortifacients through 8 weeks/till birth; use of living human embryos and fetuses in destructive experimental research in research labs around the world; killing of "extra" or "unwanted" embryos in IVF/ART "infertility clinics", and their use in destructive research in their research laboratories around the world; use of living human embryos/fetuses in genetic engineering, synthetic biology, nano-technology; international trafficking in living human embryos and fetus in illegal surrogacy trafficking and in illegal destructive experimental research worldwide; the total preclusion of any adults involved in any of the above activities from making ethically or legally valid informed consent or making informed choices, etc.

Given these deadly and other unknown consequences resulting from and justified by the monumentally fake Islamic "human embryology" that has been and continues to be published, such fake "science" teachings should at least be removed from the NIH and other governmental and university educational websites or at least simultaneously refuted (as below).

See also just a few recent related concerns re Islamic teachings in: "A mega-mosque, the largest in Europe, is being built in Mulhouse in eastern France", at:; "48+ British Islamic schools across the UK teaching intolerance, misogyny to future imams", at:; "Muslim American Society investigating 'oversight' following controversial video at Philly Islamic center; event organizer 'dismissed'", at:; "Muslim kids behead stuffed animals with fake blood, parents cheer", at:; also, "In an Islamic State training camp, children told: Behead the doll", at:

II. Refutation:

Please take a long hard look at a former article of mine copied here detailing some interesting "history" involved, details of those Islamic "teachings", as well as a formal objective scientific refutation of that fraudulent Islamic "human embryology":
Irving: False Islamic "Human Embryology" Again in "Holy Quran, New Sciences and Development of the Human Embryo"

I. Introduction

Islam is a "theocracy", and thus "human embryology" is simply a sub-field of Islamic theology. Articles on Islamic "human embryology", such as the "Abstract" of one copied below, are typical, from countries around the world, and they come through my Google alert for "human embryo" from time to time. Yet although the "science" used in the Qur'an is bizarre (to say the least), such "teachings" are suddenly becoming even more frequent. Why is such bizarre "science" being taught in Islamic school in mosques around the globe and across the internet?

If Islamic human embryology as found in the Qur'an is empirically accurate and true, then abortion up to 9 weeks post-fertilization (or even beyond), IVF, artificial reproductive technologies (ARTs) which include IVF but also many genetic engineering and cloning techniques, human embryo research, human embryonic genetic engineering, human embryonic stem cell research, legal and illegal surrogacy, human trafficking, etc., are all ethical . How could such false science have possibly been "helpful" at the United Nations?

Islamic human embryology as found in the Qur'an is 100% empirically false. (For a plethora of arguments against it, see: "Islamic embryology: overblown balderdash" , at: . See also "George Orwell betrayed: Islamist Tariq Ramadan gives a lecture in his name" , at: . See also Google Web search, "Quran embryology wrong" = about 19,800 results, at: ; also, "Islam embryology debunked" = about 4960 results, at: .) Indeed, the empirically accurate and globally agreed upon human embryology has been documented for over 125 years (Wilhelm Hiss, 1885), and since 1942 in the Carnegie Stages of Early Human Embryonic Development .

II. Carnegie Stages

Even more bizarre than the false "science" of human embryology taught in the Qur'an is the fact that the Carnegie Stages even need to be referenced today at all after over 125 years. They can't be wished away! Perhaps it's time to set the scientific�record straight, yet once again. For documentation of when the new sexually -reproduced (union of sperm and "egg") human being begins to exist -- at the beginning of the process of fertilization at Stage 1a (not with the formation of the "zygote" at Stage 1c) --, see Irving, "Caution Again: Need to Use Newer URL's for Carnegie Stages for Issues Concerning the Early Human Embryo" (Jan. 1, 2015), at: . See Carnegie Stage 1 a, b, and c, at: ; see all 23 Carnegie Stages at: . And that is also when the new human "person" simultaneously begins to exist : See, e.g., Irving, "Philosophical and scientific expertise: An evaluation of the arguments on 'personhood'", Linacre Quarterly February 1993, 60:1:18-46, at: .

In sum: As has been acknowledged globally and empirically for over 125 years, the new single-cell sexually -reproduced human being/organism begins at the beginning of the process of fertilization (not when the "zygote" is formed) in the woman's fallopian tube (or in a petri dish in the IVF/ART laboratory/clinic) -- not in her uterus or "womb" . After 5-7 days , the embryonic human being (now over 200+ cells ) implants into the woman's uterus (or is inserted by a technician in IVF/ART clinics).

Obviously, the Islamic "embryology" documented below and still being taught around the world�contradicts the genuine Carnegie Stages on multiple points .

III. Islamic "Human Embryology" from the Quar'an

Please read the direct quotes from the Qur'an in the following and in the article copied below yourself: no "embryo" until implantation; an "embryo" is NOT a human being; a "fetus" is when a human BEING begins to exist (beginning of 9 weeks post-fertilization), but even then only if God tells the Archangel Gabriel to infuse the "rational soul", and only then is the fetus a PERSON , etc. -- a whole lot of mind/soul/body/person splitting going on! Perfect example of the use of "equivocal" definitions (same word, but different definition)! How soon before such bizarre "human embryology" will be taught as "accurate" in our non-Muslim grade and high schools, colleges, universities and medical schools, as required by Sharia Law?

Why would Islam be so insistent to continue to preach such false science in their schools around the world and on the internet when it must know how corrupt it is? If for them the "embryo" doesn't mean a human being and even "that" doesn't exist until implantation , and if there is no human being present until the fetal period (9+ weeks) but even that isn't necessarily a human "person" unless God sends the Archangel Gabriel to infuse the rational soul, then just imagine what such "science" would justify doing with all those pre-human beings and pre-persons! What if God tells Gabriel to skip some fetuses -- and how would we know? Also, although some Imams reject transhumanism , it is a welcome topic in Islam on certain Al-Jazerra shows (see, e.g., ).

See also articles listing famous Western scholars, including Keith Moore (who is a developmental embryologist not a human embryologist) , who are continuously quoted in favor of the "embryology" in the Qur'an: "Western Scholars Play Key Role In Touting 'Science' of the Quran" , The Wall Street Journal (Jan. 23, 2002), at: .

But take a quick look at it yourself here, in their own words , at:

Canadian developmental biologist Keith Moore (who is a developmental biologist, not a Ph.D. human embryologist ), and the text of Moore that is Islamified is not his usual text as, but rather: Keith Moore and Azzindani, Abdul Majeed A., The Developing Human. Clinically Oriented Embryology with ISLAMIC ADDITIONS [emphasis in original], 3rd Ed., Dar Al-Qiblah and W.B. Saunders. [This textbook is still available on-line at: . Note one of Moore's major sponsors listed at the front of the book: Osama bin Laden . See also:

Islamic embryology websites quote and agree with Moore's Islamic statements: ; also, Qur'anic Commentary & Analysis through the Lens of Modern Science, at:

[See my correspondences with Keith Moore re his sudden used of the fake scientific term "pre-embryo" throughout his 5th edition of his "regular" human embryology text book (same concerns expressed by human embryologist Dr. C. Ward Kischer): Irving, "Letters to Embryologist Keith Moore Re Term 'Pre-embryo'" (July 1993), at: ; also, Irving, "New Age Human Embryology Textbooks: "Pre-embryo", "Pregnancncy", and Abortion Counseling; Implications for Human embryo and Fetal Research" (May 1994), Linacre Quarterly 61:2:42-62, at: .]

IV. Currenct Example: "Holy Quran, New Sciences and Development of the Human Embryo"

Holy Quran, New Sciences and Development of the Human Embryo

Abstract [only; see full article at the URL above]

Ever since the dawn of human life on this planet, Man has always tried to understand Nature, his own place in the scheme of Creation and the purpose of Life itself. In this quest for Truth, spanning many centuries and diverse civilizations, organized religion has shaped human life and, to a large extent, has determined the course of history. While some religions have been based on written text, claimed by their followers to be divinely inspired, others have relied solely on human experience.

Al-Qur'an, the main source of the Islamic faith, is a book believed by its followers, the Muslims, to be completely of Divine origin. Muslims also believe that it contains guidance for all humankind. Since the message of the Qur'an is believed to be for all times, it should be relevant to every age.

This article highlights different stages of formation of the human embryo along with the description of every stage of the embryonic development as mentioned in the Quran. This study shows that God creates a child in a mother's womb and brings about the child chronological evolution to full life, while the parents only play an instrumental role in this creative process.

The Quran says: We have created man out of an extraction of clay (the origin of semen). Then we turn it into semen and settle it in a firm receptacle. We then turn semen into a clot ('alaqah) (literally, something hanging, that is, from the womb) which we then transmute into a lump (mudghah). We then create bones which we clothe with flesh. Then, we transmute it into a new mode (of ensoulment) - blessed be then Allah, the best of creators. (Al-Quran, Surah (Chapter), Al-Mu'minun (23): 12-14, see also Al-Hajj (22): 5). Key words: Holy Quran, Development, Human Embryo, science.

V. Conclusion

So why would supposed scientific scholars such as Keith Moore et al, who know all about the Carnegie Stages and the accurate objective scientific facts of human embryology, want to falsify that accurate science -- indeed, have it both ways ? Why would anyone believing in the Qur'an think that such Islamic "embryology" bears any semblance to the real world at all? Long past time to get real answers to these real questions. As ole Aristotle said in his Metaphysics long ago about the bizarre "Theory of Ideas" of Plato (his mentor!): "But how are we to believe in such nonsense?!" And consider all that is at stake if we do.