Humanae Vitae Table of Contents

The Transmission of Life

Part 1: New Aspects of the Question and the Competence of the Magisterium

Competence of the Magisterium

Special Studies

The Response of the Magisterium

Part 2: Doctrinal Principles

A Total Vision of Man

Conjugal Love

Characteristics of Conjugal Love

Responsible Parenthood

Respect for the Nature and Finality of the Conjugal Act

Two Inseparable Aspects: Union and Procreation

Faithfulness to the Design of God

Morally Impermissible Methods of Regulating Birth

Morally Permissible Therapeutic Means

The Morality of Recourse to the Infertile Period

Serious Consequesces of the Use of Artificial Methods of Birth Control

The Church, the Guarantor of Authentic Human Values

Part 3: Pastoral Directives

The Church as Mother and Teacher

The Possibility of Observing the Divine Law

Self Mastery

Creating an Atmosphere Favorable to Chastity

Appeal to Public Authorities

Appeal to Men of Science

Appeal to Christian Spouses

Apostolate of Spouses

To Doctors and Health Care Professionals

To Priests

To Bishops

Final Appeal