Zeiger, Heather
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Heather Zeiger is a freelance science writer with advanced degrees in chemistry and bioethics. She writes on the intersection of science, culture, and technology.


Rescuing our lives from tech

Smartphones and apps are designed to suck up as much of our lives as possible.

Date posted: 2018-02-26

Technology and addiction: How Big Gaming hacks into our psyches

There's a key difference between addictions and obsessions and compulsions. Addictions bring the promise of immediate reward, of positive reinforcement. In contrast, obsessions and compulsions are intensely unpleasant to not pursue. They promise relief - also known as negative reinforcement - but not the appealing rewards of a consummated addiction.

Date posted: 2017-04-09

Addiction or compulsion: our love/hate relationship with technology

There is no shortage of studies claiming that we are addicted to our cell phones. But is it truly an addiction or is it something else?

Date posted: 2017-04-09

The seven deadly sins of social media

Some people like to say that technology is morally neutral. That is true to a point, but technology is made by moral agents who design it with a purpose in mind.

Date posted: 2017-01-08