Winkels, Veronika
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Veronika Winkels has just completed her BA and intends to continue studies in Science and Religion. Recently married, she and her husband have aspirations towards working in New Media and Australian Film. (2014)


We are not nasty people, and my kids will not be taught otherwise

An Aussie mum's view of the legalization of same-sex marriage

Date posted: 2017-12-23

'Who am I to stop them?'

When parents are as naive as teenagers about sex.

Date posted: 2017-11-04

Please quit calling the workforce gender gap the 'motherhood penalty'

Let mum and dad work out their own fair share of home work.

Date posted: 2017-10-21

Regret nothing, especially not motherhood

Becoming a mother means enriching your identity, not forfeiting it.

Date posted: 2017-09-30

Alternative truths: a wife's view of a gay coming out

When a father of six leaves his family it is called courage. What does his abandoned spouse think?

Date posted: 2017-09-26

A darker side of the womb

As I sat, gazing upon his small body, somewhat lost amongst the plethora of cords and tubes coming off or out of him, I found my love for him to be almost overwhelming. There's something almost supernatural about a new baby; they seem to possess a wisdom that the rest of us have lost.

Date posted: 2015-03-12

Shop-window porn violates children's rights, so let's fight it

Good moral values and virtues can take many years to establish in a person. Exposing children to the type of visual message in question here is like euthanizing their purity of imagination and innocence of childhood.

Date posted: 2014-04-06