Willke, J.C.
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Dispelling the Myths behind conception, contraception and abortifacient drugs

There is a significant amount of misinformation circulating regarding human fertilization, embryo implantation and the first week of life. Here are the known scientific facts.

Date posted: 2010-02-28

Dramatic Uses of Adult Stem Cells

The biotech industry, liberal media and pro-abortion forces have created and maintained substantial public confusion on stem cells. Mostly, what we hear are the two words stem cells.

Date posted: 2006-12-24

Coffins or Cribs

Most of us have become aware of the low birth rate in the western world. This has particularly been pointed out to us because of all the attention centered on the Muslim world. A birthrate in Europe of only 1.5, compared to a Muslim birthrate of 4 or 5 babies per woman in her lifetime, will lead to entirely predictable and almost revolutionary demographic changes. Yes, the US birthrate has just edged up over the necessary replacement level of 2.1, this being due primarily to immigration. Bearing all of this in mind, the decision to have a baby is an intensely personal one, with as many reasons as there are people making those decisions.

Date posted: 2006-07-07

Global Depopulation - A Reality?

Not only do population rates continue their dramatic downward trend in the developed world, but a sharp and persistent decline is also taking place in the less developed world. Contrary to Vice President Al Gore and most of the liberal media - if we look and listen - we'll see that we'll soon be on the verge of declining population worldwide, not over-population.

Date posted: 2006-07-06

The Truth About Fetal Pain

Until somewhat recent years, there was a certain amount of conventional wisdom in the medical field that very premature babies could not feel pain. Because of this, a born preemie would be operated on without any anesthetic. That has largely been disproved in recent years by a series of articles, which report that not only does a premature baby (or fetus) feel pain, but also that this tiny person feels far more generalized and severe pain than an adult.

Date posted: 2006-07-05

The First Week of Life, Words We Use

"Stem cells," "cloning," "emergency contraception," all of these are being discussed to a degree and with an intensity that has never before existed. Inappropriate or flatly deceptive wording is clouding much of it. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that we consistently use the right pro-life language and not fall into their semantic shadings and distortion. Let’s review some of this wording.

Date posted: 2004-10-18

RU 486 kills a developing baby after his or her heart has begun to beat.

RU 486 (or Mifepristone) blocks a vital nutrient hormone, Progesterone. The embryonic baby, which implanted into the nutrient lining of the mother's womb at least two weeks earlier, can be compared to a grape on a vine. If the stem is pinched, preventing the nourishing sap from reaching the grape, it will wither, die and drop off. Just so, if this drug is used, it causes the embryonic baby to wither and die. A second drug, prostaglandin, is used to expel the dead baby from her womb.

Date posted: 2004-04-17

RU 486 - Miracle or Curse?

Its action could be compared to a grape on the vine. If you were to pinch the stem so as to prevent the nutritive sap from getting to the grape, then the grape will wither, die and drop off. Essentially this is what is done when this pill functions to end a pregnancy. It deprives the developing embryonic baby of this vital nutrient hormone, progesterone, and so this tiny one withers, dies and is lost, along with the lining of the womb which is not maintained because of the blocking of this hormone.

Date posted: 2004-04-16

Fertilized Eggs Don't Implant

Understand what implants -- not the single cell fertilized egg, but a blastocyst, a developing human that is several hundred cells at this stage. The fertilized egg does not implant. When it reaches the womb, it is not a single cell, and if it still was, it could not implant. Only a one-week-old living human embryo can implant.

Date posted: 2002-10-06

I Oppose "Embryonic" Stem Cell Research

Much has been said and written about “stem cell research. Unfortunately, a number of biologic inaccuracies continue to be promulgated and, as a result, have colored decision making for many people. The first thing to distinguish is the fact that ethically we can experiment on human tissue, but we should not experiment on human beings. Accordingly, it is perfectly ethical to proceed with any and all type of stem cell research as long as this is human tissue, but it is completely unethical to do embryonic stem cell research, which of its very nature necessitates the killing of a living human embryo to obtain that stem cell.

Date posted: 2001-12-31