Ulrich, Mariette
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Mariette Ulrich is a homemaker and freelance writer. She lives in western Canada with her husband and six of their seven children.


The problem with starting a family today

Is it the Boomers' greed, or is there another reason Gens X and Y are struggling in today's economy?

Date posted: 2012-10-28

Childless by choice - a decision you may live to regret

Hot yoga and shopping trips to New York won't sustain you when you're eighty-plus and lying in a resthome.

Date posted: 2012-10-14

Dangerous housewives

Many of us are college educated. We think, we read, we discuss, we protest, and we vote. In the view of many persons (male and female) with traditional values, the Democrat-feminists are constantly and relentlessly advancing an anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-human, anti-freedom agenda, which poses a clear threat, not only to individuals, but to the fabric of society and by extension, the future of the nation itself.

Date posted: 2012-05-10

Enough of parenting misery lit

Raising kids is not a Sunday stroll in the park, but if you never get there, whose fault is it?

Date posted: 2012-05-10

Baby Joseph comes home

Moe Maraachli, Joseph's father, said in response to this week's events: "It's a miracle. My son now has freedom. I'm very happy. My wife and I will respect the second opinion from the hospital in St. Louis. We will accept it with all my heart because Joseph got his human right to get a chance to get a second opinion. When God wants to take his life He'll take it and nobody can say 'No' to God."

Date posted: 2012-05-10

Bullying: the YouTube connection

Does YouTube attract bullies or vanquish them? The answer is yes.

Date posted: 2012-04-21