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Because of AIDS, We Become Friends

It has been 6 years since 1999 that people living with HIV/AIDS in eastern Thailand got organized at local, provincial and regional level to support one another and to address their common problems. This paper is an attempt to document reasons, nature and methods of organization as local association and regional network, events which brought to initiation of certain activities, what they have learned in the past six years, their hope, suffering, grievances, joy, dream, determination.

Date posted: 2006-06-09

A Decade of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Experience is valuable for a living. Life experience is even more valuable. Drawing and reflection on lessons learned from experience is, thus, a significant part for developing knowledge. AIDS is a problem of life, the life of so many people. It is related to human behavior and is very delicate. Solution to AIDS does not have, and impossible to have a fixed formula. It requires determination, prudence, wisdom, and diverse methods depending on local context and variables, population groups and space in time.

Date posted: 2006-06-05