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Professor of Law Ph.D.
Ph.D. Yale University 1973;
J.D. Yale University 1973;
M.Phil. Yale University 1971;
M.A. University of California, Berkeley 1967;
A.B. Harvard College 1965.



Making Death Easier Makes Life Harder

A culture of disdain for disabled and elderly persons is more likely to come about if we embrace a right to assisted suicide. Each endorsement of suicide endangers not only the lives but also the human dignity and quality of support relationships of persons with burdensome infirmities.

Date posted: 2018-10-03

Small govt libertarians want same-sex marriage. But only Big Govt can enforce it.

Indiana's Libertarian Party chair, Dan Drexler, announced in early November his opposition to a proposed constitutional amendment that would prevent Indiana from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. But the libertarian reason he gave for his opposition does not support that opposition.

Date posted: 2013-12-22

Abortion Is More Than "Murder"

Abstract: Abortion is here shown to be worse than ordinary murder, principally because it involves the betrayal of a dependent by a natural guardian. Furthermore, abortion is emblematic of wider lethal betrayals of radically dependent persons. All these betrayals are rationalized precisely by the victims' lack of autonomy-based dignity. Christianity counters by affirming the concern and respect due to those who helplessly suffer worldly disdain.

Date posted: 2007-07-24

Polaroid Babies

Why do many pro-choice people find our arguments against early abortion not just unconvincing but absurd? Consider, for example, the ridicule that the defense of human embryos sometimes draws. In order to have any hope of winning the debate, defenders of unborn life must understand how an argument that seems wholly reasonable to us can strike our opponents as a bizarre (therefore religious) doctrine wholly unconnected to the real world.

Date posted: 2006-11-17