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Margaret Somerville, AM, FRSC is an Australian/Canadian ethicist and academic. She is the Samuel Gale Professor of Law, Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Founding Director of the Faculty of Law's Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University. She is the author of The Ethical Imagination: CBC Massey Lectures, Death Talk: The Case Against Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide, The Ethical Canary: Science, Society, and the Human Spirit, and Do We Care?.


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The euthanasia slippery slope: a failure of memory and imagination

Very recently, two senior physicians who have championed the legalization of euthanasia in their jurisdictions, Dr Boudewijn Chabot in the Netherlands and Dr Guy Robert in Quebec, have rejected current "appalling" developments in euthanasia in their countries. Yet, these developments should have been anticipated. So, why weren't they?

Date posted: 2017-08-03

Do suicides increase where euthanasia is legal?

The euthanasia debate is on the front-burner in Australia, especially in the states of Victoria and Tasmania. In one of the latest salvos, ethicist Professor Margaret Somerville claimed that suicide rates rise in jurisdictions where euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal.

Date posted: 2017-06-02

The importance of stories in the euthanasia debate

The pro-euthanasia case is compact and quick and easy to make: It focuses on a terminally ill, seriously suffering, competent adult who gives informed consent to euthanasia and bases its claims to prevail on the obligation to respect that person's right to autonomy and self-determination and dignity.

Date posted: 2017-03-18

A flight from mystery

Euthanasia strips death of its meaning at the time we need it most

Date posted: 2017-02-03

Euthanasia: it's a long, long, long way down

One way to get rid of slippery slopes is to deny that they exist.

Date posted: 2017-01-20