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Peter Smith is a lawyer, living and working in London.


Syrian refugees are a special case

You would have to be utterly heartless not to feel pity for the thousands of people pouring out of the conflict in Syria each week. It is the saddest part of the current mass migration of people into Europe which is a - if not the - moral challenge of our lifetimes, and the biggest movement of people in Europe since World War II

Date posted: 2015-10-14

Eurosceptics and family values

What does the new European parliament augur for human dignity and the family?

Date posted: 2014-06-08

Is it right that they come?

A British economist shows that migrants as well as hosts can be big losers from migration.

Date posted: 2014-03-20

Since when did abortion trump the rule of law?

British officials claim that the prosecution of illegal sex-selective abortion is not in the public interest. They are wrong.

Date posted: 2013-09-14

Marriage equality splits the Tories

Supporters cited adult happiness and lovely wedding ceremonies; opponents championed children and families.

Date posted: 2013-02-27

Bad Religion

How America became a nation of heretics - along with nearly everywhere else.

Date posted: 2013-01-31

Disappointment in Strasbourg

Religious freedom in the UK takes another hit in the courts.

Date posted: 2013-01-31

I do, but not in the established Church

The British Government's response to its consultation on same-sex marriage shows how keen it is to railroad through partial and divisive proposals.

Date posted: 2012-12-22

What happens when we redefine marriage?

If same-sex marriage becomes law in Britain, the law will demand that it be respected in word and in deed.

Date posted: 2012-10-15

British Conservatives and same-sex marriage

It is not the time -- or the place -- for the Conservative Party to legislate for same-sex marriage

Date posted: 2012-01-19