Rondeau, Paul E.
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Mr. Rondeau has been a senior sales and marketing management professional with industry leaders for over 25 years; MA Management with a specialty in persuasive communication, Regent University; BA Marketing Management, Concordia University. Currently, he is a doctoral student in communications studies with a focus in rhetoric and persuasion and works as Director of Development for Regent University.


A Tale of Two Abortions

When Emily Letts got pregnant, she immediately knew she would get an abortion. She decided to film her abortion and entered Emilys Abortion Video in Abortion Care Networks Stigma Busting competition and won. Cosmopolitan recently featured her story Why I Filmed My Abortion.

Date posted: 2014-05-11

When It's Hard to Be Thankful

So, even if we cannot thank God for His blessings and grace today, we know that He will wait and welcome us on that day when we can. And for that, we can be truly thankful - even when it's hard to be thankful today.

Date posted: 2011-12-24

Selling Homosexuality to America

This article explores how gay rights activists use rhetoric, psychology, social psychology, and the media - all the elements of modern marketing - to position homosexuality in order to frame what is discussed in the public arena and how it is discussed. In essence, when it comes to homosexuality, activists want to shape "what everyone knows" and "what everyone takes for granted" even if everyone does not really know and even if it should not be taken for granted.

Date posted: 2002-09-26