Pueyo, Antonio P.
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Fr. Tony Pueyo, ordained in 1976, is a priest of the Archdiocese of Cotabato, Philippines. He is presently assigned as President of Notre Dame of Tacurong College. His former assignments were as seminary rector, parish priest, college president, and Vicar-General.

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Lent is a penitential season. In some way, if we search our heart we would find there that there are aspects of our life where we do not live as we ought. There are many ways of descibing sin. St. Paul speaks of it as missing the mark. The more common understanding is breaking the commandment. Many of the prophets speak of unfaithfulness or breaking the relationship with God. St. Thomas Aquinas describes it as an idolatry, “aversio a Deo, conversio ad creaturam.”

Date posted: 2010-03-18

The Joy of Reconciliation

A few years ago, I was invited to a reconciliation meal. It was a case of neighbors who became alienated from each other because of the circumstances of war. Although they had lived together peacefully for many years, a situation came where an armed rebel group sought shelter overnight in a neighbor’s house. The other party belonged to local unit of an armed self-defense group. In the early dawn when both sides noticed the other’s presence, fighting broke out. People were killed on both sides.

Date posted: 2010-03-18

Sin and Punishment

Why do the innocents suffer and why do the guilty remain unpunished? Those who prosper are not necessarily sinless. Those who suffer are not necessarily sinful. Somebody gave the observation that behind many great fortunes is a hidden crime. There are also those who suffer misfortunes because they are virtuous people. The righteous get persecuted.

Date posted: 2010-03-03