O’Malley, Timothy P.
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Timothy P. O’Malley is a faculty member at the University of Notre Dame in the McGrath Institute for Church Life. He is the recent author of Off the Hook: God, Love, Dating, and Marriage in a Hookup World.


New! A Communion of Anxiety: Hookup Culture and the Impossible Horizon of the Future

What if religious and conservative higher education ceased speaking about marriage and family life as an accomplishment and began to treat marriage and children as that which enable human flourishing and a meaningful future?

Date posted: 2021-02-19

Adoption and a Pro-Life Anthropology

Every child's existence is a gift not simply to the mother and father but to the entire human family. Adoption is the institutional way of upholding the gift of the child, whether his or her biological parents recognize that child as a gift or not.

Date posted: 2019-06-14