Mundy, Gerard T.
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The Physician-Assisted Suicide Movement Is Gaining Ground in Two Major Ways

"The foundation is being laid for widespread legalization of physician-assisted suicide. Bowing to political and social pressures, some state and district medical associations have begun to change their official opposition to physician-assisted suicide. These changes are dangerous, for the testimony and opinions of physicians are generally granted considerable weight by the people and their legislators. If more medical associations are swept up by the influence of special interests pushing for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide, the advancement of assisted suicide legislation could gain considerable traction.

Date posted: 2018-04-28

The Vatican Cannot Ignore China's Religious Persecution and Human Rights Abuses

Millions of Chinese sacrifice daily for the freedom to worship the Trinity as their God in communion with Rome. Rather than appeasing the Chinese government and capitulating to its demands, the Vatican would do well to admonish its leaders instead.

Date posted: 2018-03-14

Physicians Cannot Serve Both Death and Life

A physician cannot truly and wholeheartedly work toward bringing his patient to health if he can choose at any time to give up that pursuit and suggest rather that the patient choose death instead.

Date posted: 2018-01-09

Hiding from the Sun: Gender Ideology's Attack on Truth

Gender ideology demands that everyone say of what is that it is not, and of what is not that it is. Lovers of truth must courageously resist this call to falsehood.

Date posted: 2017-07-31