Moody, Daniel
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Daniel Moody is a philosopher from Dorset, England.


Ten Years of International Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Laws: Lessons Learned

When the state insists on governing us only in terms of who we think we are, surely the proper interpretation of such an insistence is that the state has reneged on the very reason for its existence: to govern us-as-us; to govern us as male and female.

Date posted: 2017-04-28

Throw Off Your Rubber Chains! From Contraception to Transgenderism via Abortion

A desire to be protected from the meaning of our body has led only to a need to be protected from the ravages of reality. It has taken mankind less than one hundred years to make the journey from an embrace of contraception to an embrace of "gender fluidity," but the link between the two is not always obvious.

Date posted: 2017-03-17

Legal Sex: Exchanging the Truth of Sex for the Lie of Gender

Gender ideology leaves us de-sexed in law. The problem is not merely that our legal identity can now be chosen, but that it can now only be chosen.

Date posted: 2016-11-26

Lost in the Gender Triangle: is transgenderism social, medical or legal?

Logic sinks without a trace in a trackless seas of assertions and theories.

Date posted: 2016-06-05

Invasion of the body snatchers: transgenderism on Halloween

The West is a civilization possessed. For legal purposes we are still somebody, only we are no longer legally some body. In the eyes of the law, we are all ghosts now.

Date posted: 2015-11-19