Hartley, James E.
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James E Hartley is Professor and Chair of Economics at Mount Holyoke College. You can follow him at https://jamesehartley.com or on Twitter @JamesEHartley.



Immigration: Winners and Losers?

Attempts to discover the effect of immigration on government budgets are highly susceptible to the decisions economists make about how to measure all those benefits and costs and how to account for the effects on the indigenous population. The quick answer to "What is the effect of immigration on government budgets?" is "It depends on how you measure it."

Date posted: 2019-11-03

Immigration: Can We Talk About This?

How do we determine the right level of immigration? Assuming the optimal number of immigrants per year is neither zero nor infinite, what is it? Five hundred thousand? One million? Two million? Five million? If we can start our discussion about immigration from a shared set of ideals, then we can begin the laborious task of determining the levels and types of immigration that will allow the continuation of the American experiment.

Date posted: 2019-08-11